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From the Captain's Table, May 2019

Hi Everyone, welcome to the May newsletter. What a busy month it has been.

Rotorua Marathon - Congratulations to all eight HRR’s who ran the event on a fine Rotorua day. Great to see Lex get his 20th Rotorua Marathon Shirt and also Eileen who also managed to get on stage for 2nd IAG for the half marathon, which was a great effort as the course was a toughy. It was also great to see the HRR supporters out in force too. My thanks also to Wayne for sorting all the accommodation details at the lodge. Always great to have a great catch up over a meal and talk over how the day has gone.

Waiheke Half - Congratulations to Norm who did very well in his age group in the 10 Km run. This island life seems to be agreeing with him.

HRR Memorial Relay - My favourite event of the year. It was pleasing to have a fine, if not a tad foggy start to the day. With the club photo done, 32 runners headed off to the Taitua Arboretum for an eight team relay. It was great to see so many new members involved this year and even Norm put in a cameo appearance. Then back to HRR HQ for lunch. Wayne did a great job of telling us the history of our memorial relay event and of members sadly no longer with us. Then President Gary announced the winning team of the relay. Congratulations to Vicky, Shireen, Gary and Captain Lex. All then enjoyed an outstandingly catered lunch and social time. Many thanks to all who worked behind the scenes doing various jobs that make this the great event that it is.

Hawkes Bay Marathon - What a great turn out from HRR. We had the marathon, half marathon and 10km events all covered. The weather on the day was absolutely stunning but a tad chilly at the start with a slight frost on the ground. I was pleased that Desiree’s first marathon went so well and she ran a great time. Val also completed her first half marathon also in a great time. Well done to you both; a true reward for all the effort in training. Then there was the quiet one in the back, Annette 3rd IAG - another strong performer in the club. The finish line was at Elephant Hill winery. Yes, a glass of wine or juice at the finish line - what a way to for the HRR team to recover and celebrate the day and enjoy some great music too. It was also great to catch up with Pat and Michelle at the event.

Whitianga Half - Yes HRR in action again and a great day was had by Rebecca on the 10Km course and Annette doing a great time, in fact smashing her 10km PB by two minutes! Ross also put another solid performance in the 21Km.

Huntly Half - Well done to the seven HRR’s that managed to do the very foggy Huntly event.

See full results below


  • Running Group Lists - The lists are on the Notice Board in the corridor at HRR HQ - Please check to see which of the 4 groups you are assigned to - Any changes needed please see Gary.

  • HRR Away Book - Car Pooling - We have a book out on the table for event in the future, so there is an opportunity reduce costs.

  • HRR Results Book - Also on the table - This is where you can write down your time you have done on your event.

  • HRR Subs - New Financial year - 1st March - Sub cost same as last year. HRR Bank account details: 03 1555 0161275 00

  • Dinner Night - June 27 - Group 3 and convenor Jane

  • Discounts - Did you know your HRR membership card gives you discounts at – Trek n Travel and Shoe Clinic


April Athletes of the Month:

Tau Holden and Annette Hermans - Outstanding Improvements


Tau Holden, Rotorua Marathon 42 Km Run 4h,42m,05s

Lex Chalmers, 20th Rotorua Marathon 42 Km Run 5h,23m,09s

Ann Fredericsen, Rotorua Marathon 42 Km Run 5h,58m,13s

Heather Flay, Rotorua Marathon 42 Km Run 6h,21m,29s

Lynda Brahne, Rotorua Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,16m,19s

Jane Roche, Rotorua Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,42m,40s

Colleen Stacey, Rotorua Half Marathon 21 Km Run 3h,00m,14s

Eileen Odgers, 2nd IAG Rotorua Half Marathon 21 Km Run 3h,36m,01s

Norm Robins, 1st IAG Waiheke Island Half 10 Km Run 41m,04s

Desiree Dunchuk, 1st Marathon Hawkes Bay Marathon 42 Km Run 3h,54m,37s

Anja Romer, Hawkes Bay Marathon 42 Km Run 4h,17m,45s

Val Wilson, 1st Half Marathon Hawkes Bay Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,03m,51s

Holly White, Hawkes Bay Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,06m,47s

Jane Roche, Hawkes Bay Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,21m,27s

Neil Crocker, Hawkes Bay Half Marathon 21 Km Walk 3h,01m,59s

Annette Hermans, 3rd IAG Hawkes Bay 10 Km 10 Km Run 53m,07s

Gary Fieldes, Hawkes Bay 10 Km Run 1h,05m,21s

Kim McCarthy, Hawkes Bay 10 Km 10 Km Run 1h,07m,39s

Ross Dewstow, Whitianga Half Marathon 21 Km Run 1h,47m,14s

Annette Hermans, 1st Age Group and PB Whitianga Half Marathon 10 Km Run 51m,24s

Rebecca Yeoman, Whitianga Half Marathon 10 Km Run 1h,15m,29s

Lynda Brahne, Huntly Half Marathon 21 Km Run 1h,59m,46s

Vicky Birkett, Huntly Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,03m,34s

Kerin Buttimore, Huntly Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,15m,12s

Rod Gill, Huntly, Half Marathon 10 Km Run 58m,24s

Kevin Hooker, Huntly Half Marathon 10 Km Run 54m,32s

Tau Holden, Huntly Half Marathon 10km Run 54m,38s

Eileen Odgers, Huntly Half Marathon 10 Km Walk 1h,31m,44s

Park Run

Rebecca Yeoman - 50th Park Run, Hamilton Lake

Annette Hermans - PB Hamilton Lake

Val Wilson - PB Hamilton Lake

Sarah Jenkins - PB (2) Hamilton Lake

Karen Hooker - PB (2) Hamilton Lake

Ben Lucas - PB Hamilton Lake

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