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From the Captains Table, February 2019

Welcome everybody to the HRR February newsletter. It is great to see the club picking up pace from the Christmas break.

Well our Glenview Summer Series Run went well. A big thanks to Graham Sun with the help of John Althan at Sun Fruit Orchards for supplying fruit on the day. Also Norm and Christine for all the computer work, then we had Gary who did an amazing job being the convener of tick list checking everything was on point for the day. Considering this is the first time Gary has been involved in this event, it was a vertical learning curve so well done, Gary. Also a large shout out to all HRR members who helped with signs, marshalls, water stations, raffles and Prize table, catering, registration. All in all, a great HRR team effort, also thankyou to those in the club that ran it on the day and those that ran it earlier to test drive the course.

Sponsors – Like any good event Sponsors are important and I would like to acknowledge the following people:

Dick Breukink from Novatel for the accommodation voucher Stu Robinson from Fresca Café for several envelopes of café vouchers John Althan – Sun Fruit Orchards for fresh fruit Colin Hancock – Trek n Travel – outdoor goods Glenview Club for being venue hosts.

Blueberry Run – Sunday 24th Feb – 8am Ohaupo School: Yes our friends at HMC have their summer series run on then. They have been very supportive of our run and would great to see a lot of HRR shirts on this great event. With that legendary blueberry pie and plenty of spot prizes too. Be great to bring a friend or two along also. It is a great day out. I will see you there. First race start time 8am.

HRR – AGM – Wow another year gone just like that and what a great year it has been. I would like to put in a big thank you to President Norm and the 2018/19 board for all their time. The 2019/20 year with President Gary and his team looks to be a good one too, I thank all those who have made themselves available and looks to be an exciting year.

I have also really been impressed with the growth in the club with friends and visitors who have liked what they have seen and joined a great team of runners and walkers. But also the personal growth of those in our club who have done some great PB’s. first marathon, first off-road event or extended their distance. I am very proud of all of you for doing your own special thing.

Subs: Yes also comes with a new year. Our subs start 1st March. The good news pricing same as last year. Look out for your invoice. Anyone NOT intending to renew their membership please let the committee know as soon as possible.

Kirikiriroa Marathon – Saturday 9 March - HRR are manning a water station at Ann Street, Beerescourt – We will be set up on the grass verge on the river path from 7.30 am till late afternoon. If you are available to help do a few hours on a shift – please contact Gary.

Runners / Walkers – there is only a few days left – if you want to be part of a team contact Gary urgently.

Memorial Relay – Lock out this date – Saturday 11th May – This event is to commemorate those members who are no longer with us. It will be a 7.00 am muster at HRR club rooms for our club photo. Then we drive to the Taitua Arboretum for a team relay event, then home or to the club rooms for a shower and memorial lunch. This is the Club Captains favourite event of the year and not one to be missed.

May will be a busy month with HRR at Rotorua Marathon (4th May) and HRR will also be at Hawkes Bay Marathon (18th May).

Recent Events – Well done to all the Tarawera Off Road crew. It was great weather and some good results too. I was impressed with a couple of things. Ross Dewstow was running support for a friend doing the 21Km on Friday and they did well, but Ross’s main event was on Saturday doing the 50Km run and he had a great time. What else impressed me was the marshalling support. Thursday they had 25 Marshalls pull out, so the call went out to anybody who was spare to plug gaps. Within 10 minutes they had the 25. Not bad going I say and yes HRR were in amongst the marshalls. I thank Gary, Annette, Lex and Lynda for filling some gaps. The only disappointment for the event was a few wasp stings.

Coatesville Event – Sue Hunter added to her medal stash Sunday Runs – A big thanks to Gary with Lake D and Pirongia Run. Theses have gone well and a lot of us have now seen a lot of areas we probably would have never ventured into

Up Coming – Waipa Fun Run – Sunday 10 – Cambridge

Up Coming - Hospice Run – March 17 - Last year this was a great run at the Hamilton Gardens and its always has a feel-good factor of giving to charity. Make sure you bring some cash. There are always eats and gift tables.


Blueberry run – Sunday 24 Feb – 8am Ohaupo School

Running Group Lists – The lists are on the Notice Board in the corridor at HRR HQ – Please check to see which of the 4 groups you are assigned to – Any changes needed please see Gary

Dinner Night - 28 Feb – Group 3 – Convenor – Jane

Kirikiriroa Marathon – Saturday 9 March - HRR water table at Ann Street – Help required –

Kirikiriroa Marathon – HRR – you still have time to enter or see Gary Memorial Relay – May 11 – HRR Club Rooms 7-00 am – Club Photo then Relay

HRR – Subs – New Financial year – 1st March – Sub cost same as last year. Look out for your invoice. Anyone NOT intending to renew their membership please let the committee know.

HRR Board 2019 / 2020 President - Gary Fieldes - 021 133 5730 Treasurer - Wayne Reynolds - 027 214 1155 Club Captain - Neil Crocker - 021 162 6326 Immediate Past President - Norm Robins Vice President - Kevin Hooker Secretary - Lynda Brahne Committee - Lorraine Eves, Jill Sklenars, Vickie Birkett

Dinner Night - 28 March – Group 4 – Convenor Lorraine

Club Books – There are two books on the table at HRR - Book #1 – Run book – This is for events you have done and can record your times and PBs in – Book #2 – This is the away book and has upcoming runs in it. It is handy in that it can help with car-pooling – forward planning is good.

Discounts - Did you know your HRR membership card gives you discounts at – Trek n Travel and Shoe Clinic


Option 1 42 km Marathon – Solo

Option 2 42 km Marathon – Team of 3

Leg 1 - 12.6 km Leg 2 - 18.1 km Leg 3 - 11.5 km Note: Team event comes with 3 medals and can be a run, walk or combination. Those interested in the Team event, contact Neil or Gary to be placed in an HRR team



Hanim Ayob, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Chris Biddulph, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Lynda Brahne, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Angela Buchanan, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km

Kerin Buttimore, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Lex Chalmers, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Neil Crocker, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Heather Flay, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Rod Gill, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Mark Goble, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Annette Hermans, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Greg Hill, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Tau Holden, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Kevin Hooker, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Lee Lawson, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Sam Leggart, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Ben Lucas, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Kim McCarthy, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Karen McLaughlin, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Eileen Odgers, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Chris Oliver, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Shireen Oliver, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Kath Reid, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Jane Roche, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Claude Stacey, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Colleen Stacey, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Christine Thomson, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Holly White, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Val Wilson, Glenview Fun Run / Walk 5 Km / 10Km Tau Holden - 6th IAG Tarawera Trail Event 21.3 Km Run 2h,41m,20s Ross Dewstow, Tarawera Trail Event 21.3 Km Run 4h,04m,17s Neil Crocker, Tarawera Trail Event - Adventure 22.8 Km Walk 5h,00m,58s Ross Dewstow - 6th IAG Tarawera Ultra Trail Event 50 Km Run 7h,54m,34s Lynda Brahne, Tarawera Ultra Trail Event 50 Km Run 8h,19m,45s Lex Chalmers - 3rd IAG, Tarawera Ultra Trail Event 50 Km Run 10h,54m,02s Sue Hunter, Coatesville Half 21 Km Run 1h, 51m, 42s

Tarawera Marshalls, Thank you So Much to:

Annette Hermans, Gary Fieldes, Lynda Brahne, Lex Chalmers

Park Run Greg Hill - 50th Hamilton Park Run Karyn Johnson - Hamilton Park Run – 4 PB’s in a row


28 February 2019 - Ruapehu Express – Trail Run 2 March - Coastal Challenge – North Shore beaches Auckland 3 March 2019 - Rotorua Off Road - Half 16 March - CTL Trail Run – Reporoa 23 March 2019 - Ring of Fire – Ruapehu 6 April 2019 - Rotorua Xterra – Blue Lake 13 April 2019 - Waitomo Trail Run 14 April 2019 - Eastern Traverse – Rotorua 9 June - Parehaka Trail Run - Whangarei 3 August - We Run The Forrest – Rotorua 7 September - Hoka One One – Kinloch 28 September - Blue Lake 24 Hour Challenge 12 October - Taupo Ultra 12 October - Cole Murray – Cape Kidnappers 26 October - King Of The Mountain – Kawerau 16 November - Xterra – Waihi 24 November - Toi’s Challenge – Whakatane 14 December - Karioi Trail Run – Raglan


Auckland Half Marathon Series 17 March 2019 - Maraetai Half Event 4 14 April 2019 - Auckland Water Front Event 5

10 February - Orewa Beach Half 24 February - Summer Series Blueberry Run

2 March - Mountain to Surf – Taranaki 3 March - Round the Bays – Auckland 9 March - Kirikiriroa Marathon / Relay 10 March - Waipa Fun Run – Cambridge 16 March - Run the vines - Martinborough 17 March - Hospice Fun Run – Hamilton Gardens – Fundraiser 17 March - Maraetai Half 17 March - Piako Mini Tri – Morrinsville 6 April - Sun to Surf – Whakatane 6 April - 4 Seasons – Ann St Hamilton 6 April - Southern Lakes half – Wanaka 7 April - Daylight Savings Ends 14 April - Tauranga Half Marathon 4 May - Rotorua Marathon 11 May - HRR Memorial Relay – Arboretum 18 May - Hawkes Bay Marathon 25 May - Whitianga Half 26 May - Huntly Half Marathon 1 June - Brisbane Marathon 2 June - Mount Runners – Half Marathon 30 June - Wellington Marathon 25 July - Suva Marathon – Fiji 3 August - Hoka One One – Taupo 24 August - Mount Maunganui Half 7 September - Whangamata Fun Run 15 September - Cambridge Half 29 September - Hamilton Half 12 October - Ekiden Relay - Rotorua 20 October - Auckland Marathon 3 November - Tauranga City to Surf 16 November- Queenstown Marathon

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