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January Updates and Reminders

Happy New Year Everyone!

Our first Club night of the year is on tomorrow night (Thursday) at 5.30. A chance to catch up on who's been doing what over the break. A chance also to check on those fitness levels and how they have held up over Christmas. For those following or about to start some serious training for targeted runs this year we will also plan some future training sessions together. (see Sunday Run info).

The Summer Series (consisting of our Glenview Club Event on the 3rd of February and the Blueberry Run hosted by the Marathon Clinic on 24th February) is coming up fast. As a club we will be looking for members to man marshaling sites and water stations for our event. See Neil for more info.

We will now be asking for entries to the events so lets get out and support this annual fundraiser for the club. Flyers and entry information available at the club.

For those assisting on the day we will be using our Sunday Run on the 19th of January to run the Glenview courses. This will make you eligible for the major spot prizes available to those people running both events. We also have some exciting news of a special drawn prize for all those participating in the Glenview Run...

The First 2019 Sunday Run will be held THIS Sunday. Leaving from the Hamilton Gardens Cafe at 8.30 - to beat the heat - a gentle jaunt along the river to as many bridges as you like before returning to the cafe for coffee etc.

We will also take the opportunity to set out a calendar of Sunday runs for the year (together with a monthly Bbq) so bring along your ideas for where you would like to return to or some new adventures.

Those people on a training program for Rotorua or Hawkes Bay we can use this Sunday for a group run at the programmed level. I have now received the book from the USA I pinched the programs from and will be frantically reading it up before Sunday. There is a lot of good info regarding training paces etc that we can share.

Hope to see you all tomorrow night.




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