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From the Captain's Table, November 2018

Hi everybody here is the November newsletter. It is great to see all those who have traveled back in time to make a full complement of HRR’s for the up coming Christmas meal and awards night. No doubt we will catch up on all the stories and sights from the New York and Queenstown contingent.

With the Christmas meal night on Thursday 13th December it is a combined dinner so if everybody brings a dish of either entree, salad, or dessert… that would be great. The club will provide the Ham and Chicken. Check the list at the club so that you can see what would complement what other people are bringing.

Also on the go is Hamilton Food Bank box. It would be great if we can put a tin or packet of food into this box to help our local Food Bank over Christmas.

We will be starting to circulate a list of helpers required for our Glenview Run Sunday 3rd February. This is part of the “Summer Series Run and Walk” so If you can help please see the Club Captain or President Norm.

It has been great to see the Club active with summer temperatures starting. I am also impressed with the variety of sporting abilities in the club. Although we have a solid base of road runners, and trail running also has a good foothold in the club, there are some now doing road cycling events, and then our latest two multi-sporters Kevin and Lee stepping up and trying something new and making a good show of it too. Nothing like stretching your abilities for a fresh challenge. Well by now events like – New York, Queenstown, Round the Bridges have taken place and what a hit we did on the last of those 3 events. My thanks too to Colleen who was the brains behind doing a looong lunch at The Bank pub, it was great to see so many book in. Toi’s Challenge, Xterra- Waihi, Waitetuna Windmill Run, Percy Lawn, Rotorua Podium Half, have all been done and dusted and memories and experiences put aside for another year. It was a good but wet event for the Percy Lawn at Te Awamutu and congratulations to Hamilton Marathon Clinic for uplifting the running and walking trophies. Although we did not have as many members as HMC we narrowed the points gap on average speed and pushed them close in the running. All in all a great morning was hosted by Te Awamutu Marathon Clinic.

President Norm – Moving on as you may have heard in passing. Yes Norm is weighing anchor and heading to the little principality of Waiheke Island. Norm is still finalising things but will be here for the Christmas run and dinner on 13 December and shifted some time in the following week. It will be very sad to see Norm go as he has been a huge engine in the running circles of Hamilton. With being a Hamilton Marathon Clinic member first he then saw the light and came to the dark side and became a westie with us at HRR, then he can go under cover running with the Hawks as well. But I think the best asset Norm has given Hamilton running would be his endless hours of time getting traffic management plans signed off for running events. I think we all at HRR thank you so much for your help over the years.

Elections / AGM – HRR AGM will be Thursday 21st February 2019 at the Hamilton Yacht Club 5.30pm. This will also be election of officers’ night. If you would like to be part of a very dynamic and leading-edge Committee please see VP Gary.

John Harris – following the recent saddening and abrupt passing of John Harris which was a shock to us all, we are having a barbecue and memorial evening in conjunction with our usual run the Thursday 29 November. John was a much loved founding member and life member of HRR and was president for the first 10 years or so of the club, continuing on as a mainstay in various roles alongside Lyn after that, including being our regular barman for many years. A very good runner in his time with a 2h45m marathon PB and many more great performances under his belt. Our thoughts are with Lyn.

Star Performances - I have been impressed with two fine HRR athletes this month who are very dedicated to their running . First being Jill Sklenars for a great result in Queenstown on Jill’s first marathon and my second mention is Tau Holden who peeled out a good Round The Bridges event before heading off to Tau’s second gig of getting married that day. A big congratulations to you both.

New Years’ Resolutions – Just putting one out there – Hamilton’s Kirikiriroa Marathon or Team of 3 event. Yes either 42 Km solo or Leg one 12.6 km / Leg two 18.1km / Leg three 11.5km. If you want to be part of a team contact HRR club captain or VP Gary. These can also be a composite run and walk team. Water Station - We have also been asked to man the Ann St aid station on the day. Details at a later date - Kirikiriroa Marathon / Relay date – 9th March 2019

Just remember – The light at the end of the tunnel may well be – A fellow HRR team member

Club Notes

  • Dinner Night 13 December – Combined dinner, Please bring a dish to add to either the entree, mains or dessert menu – The club is providing Ham and Chicken.

  • Glenview Run – Urgent attention – Please lock out this date on your calendar – Sunday 3 February 2019 – This is our run of the Summer Series – We will need a lot of club members to run this event and please put the word out to friends and family to sign up for this event and support it.

  • Running Group Lists – The lists are on the Notice Board in the corridor at HRR HQ – Please check to see which of the 4 groups you are assigned to – Any changes needed please see VP Gary

  • Christmas Break HRR – We will be having our last dinner night at HRR on Thursday 13 December – This will also be our awards night. The first club night back will be Thursday 10th January 2019.

  • Food Bank – HRR have started a food box at the club for the next few club nights, If you would like to donate an article or two simply put in the box and on the 14th December we will pass on to the Hamilton Food Bank

  • Dinner Night 31 January – Yes the club never sleeps This great meal will be brought to us by Group 2

  • HRR AGM – Date Thursday 21st February 2019 at 5.30pm – venue The Hamilton Yacht Club

  • Club Books – There are two books on the table at HRR - #1 – Run book – This is for events you have done and can record your times and PBs in. Book #2 – This is the away book and has up coming runs in it. It is handy in that it can help with car pooling – forward planning is good.

  • Discounts - Did you know your HRR membership card gives you discounts at – Trek n Travel and Shoe Clinic?

Hot Foot Award - October Athlete of the Month Anja Romer - Auckland Marathon, Sub 4 Hour

Events and Times - November Clare McCarthy New York Marathon 42 Km Run 5h, 03m, 29s Sharon Buttimore New York Marathon 42 Km Run 6h, 38m, 57s Wayne Reynolds New York Marathon 42 Km Run 7h, 41m, 02s Kevin Hooker – 1st Tri Maraetai Beach Triathlon 1h, 33m, 02s Lee Lawson – 1st Bi Maraetai Beach Biathlon 1h, 23m, 00s Deborah Young Queenstown Marathon 42 Km Run DNF Jill Sklenars –1st Marathon Queenstown Marathon 42 Km Run 4h, 38m, 30s Norm Robins – 2 IAG Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 49m, 51s Ben Lucas Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 54m, 44s Phillipa Marley Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 57m, 51s Sam Legget Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 59m, 59s Sue Hunter Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 00m, 16s Desiree Dunchuk Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 00m, 34s David Marley Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 02m, 15s Anja Romer Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 05m, 09s Kirsten Job Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 07m, 19s Tau Holden Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 08m, 32s Sam Foster Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 10m, 00s Val Wilson Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 14m, 37s Kerin Buttimore Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 15m, 00s Mark Goble Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 15m, 54s Lynda Brahne Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 21m, 26s Lee Lawson Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 22m, 08s Karen Whitiker Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 25m, 29s Heather Flay Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 33m, 39s Dave Ross Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 39m, 13s Rod Gill Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 39m, 14s Colleen Stacey Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 43m, 59s Kath Reid Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 49m, 50s Eileen Odgers Round The Bridges 12 Km Run 1h, 57m, 50s Karen McLaughlan Round The Bridges 12 Km Walk 2h, 10m, 46s Annette Hermans Round The Bridges 6 Km Run 38m, 12s Gary Fieldes Round The Bridges 6 Km Run 38m, 33s Christine Thomsen Round The Bridges 6 Km Run 53m, 49s Pip Jensen Round The Bridges 6 Km Run 54m, 00s David Stagg Round The Bridges 6 Km Run 1h, 06m, 47s Ross Dewstow Round The Bridges – Pram Zone 6 Km Run 1h, 24m, 13s Gerard Pauley Round The Bridges – Pram Zone 6 Km Run 1h, 24m, 13s Jane Roche Round The Bridges 6 Km Walk 1h, 13m, 39s Debbie Knowles Round The Bridges 6 Km Walk 1h, 13m, 41s Angela Buchanan Round The Bridges – Pram Zone 6 Km Walk 1h, 26m, 09s Neil Crocker Round The Bridges 6 Km Walk 1h, 26m, 09s Mary Rozeboom Xtrerra – Waihi 2h, 00m, 26s Rod Gill Rotorua Podium Half - Trail 21 Km Run 2h,27m,10s Ben Lucas Waitetuna Windmill Run 21 Km Run 3h,13m,07s Gary Fieldes Waitetuna Windmill Run 10 Km Run 1h,47m,54s Annette Hermans Waitetuna Windmill Run 5 Km Run 1h, 00m Neil Crocker Waitetuna Windmill Run 5 Km Walk 1h,02m,34s Angela Buchanan Waitetuna Windmill Run 5 Km Walk 1h,04m,37s Chris Biddulph Waitetuna Windmill Run 5 Km Run 1h,04m,39s

Park Run Michelle Goldsmith Hamilton - 100 Park Runs David Marley Hamilton – PB Chris Oliver Finsbury – London

From the Bush

1 December The Goat – Mt Ruapehu 8 December Karioi Trai Run - Raglan 8 February 2019 Tarawera – Trail Run- 20 km 9 February 2019 Tarawera – Trail Run – 50 km / 102 km / 160 km 28 February 2019 Ruapehu Express – Trail Run 3 March 2019 Rotorua Off Road - Half 23 March 2019 Ring of Fire – Ruapehu 8 April 2019 Rotorua Xterra – Blue Lake 13 April 2019 Waitomo Trail Run 14 April 2019 Eastern Traverse – Rotorua

The Far-Looker

Auckland Half Marathon Series: 2 December Omaha Half Event 2 10 February 2019 Coatesville Half Event 3 17 March 2019 Maraetai Half Event 4 14 April 2019 Auckland Water Front Event 5

5 December The Great Santa Run Hamilton – Charity event 6:30pm 8 December 3 Bridges Marathon - Wanganui 13 December HRR – Last Dinner and Awards Night for 2018 25 December Hamilton Christmas Park Run 8am 1 January Cambridge Park Run 8am, Hamilton Park Run 9.30am 10 January HRR – First Club Night for 2019 8 January Eastside Pub Run – 5 Km 9 January Smith & McKenzie – 5 Km 12 January Waikato River Trail Run - Mangakino 12 January Port of Tauranga – Half 19 January We Run The Night – Mt Maunganui 26 January Tussock Traverse – Tongariro National Park 31 January HRR Dinner Night – Group 2 2 February 4 Seasons River Run – Ann St – Hamilton 3 February Summer Series Glenview Run 10 February Orewa Beach Half 17 February Summer Series Blueberry Run 2 March Mountain to Surf – Taranaki 3 March Round the Bays – Auckland 9 March Kirikiriroa Marathon / Relay 10 March Waipa Fun Run – Cambridge 16 March Run the vines - Martinborough 17 March Hospice Fun Run – Hamilton Gardens – Fundraiser 17 March Maraetai Half - 4 May Rotorua Marathon 11 May St. Clair Vineyard Half – Blenheim 25 May Whitianga Half 26 May Huntly Half Marathon 2 June Mount Runners – Half Marathon 30 June Wellington Marathon

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