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From The Captain's Table, September 2018

Welcome to the spring edition of the HRR news letter and a special welcome to Sandra and Tamara our newest members. Here is the HRR newsletter which is being sent out a week early as the editor will be part of the HRR International crew in Rarotonga.

Well what a month August was, with plenty of HRR club members doing a wide range of events with over 30 times listed on the “ Who Done It “. I am rather impressed and looking at the number of events coming up on the calendar for September alone. It could be another big month.

With events for September I would like to enlist club support for one our own members, on an event.

Be a Hamilton Rod Runner For A Day – Yes at the Hamilton Half on Sunday 30 September, our very own Rod Gill will be doing his 100th half marathon. This is on at the Flagstaff Park and the half starts at 9am. Rod is doing a half in about two hours. It would be great to either run with him, run him in to the finish, or even congratulate him at the finish line. Note daylight savings starts so Don’t be late.

It is with great disappointment that I announce that Pat and Michelle Goldsmith have decided to move back to the Hawkes Bay. Pats last night at HRR will be Thursday 4th October. Pats farewell night will coincide with a quiz club night to be held also on the 4th of October. Pat has a job to start pretty much straight away and Michelle will follow not too far behind. However not all is lost as they still have family here and so we will see them in Hamilton and may even catch up at away events. These two have done a lot in the club and I am sure the club wishes them all the best for their future in the Napier.

Congratulations to those who have got back from Kinloch trail run, The Lenser night run, The Moa trail run and Whangamata fun (which is always a great social day out run by the Lions Club so the proceeds go back into the area). It was great to see a big contingent of HRR’s at Cambridge Park Run with the bonus being our very own velodrome expert Holly giving our crew a few pointers on what was happening in there. All in all a good day and my thanks also to Chris who was the host of the Sunday run and did a grand job. Then coming up of course the Cambridge half. All the best to those doing the Tauranga International event, the Blue Lake Challenge Rotorua and last of all the HRR crew that is going to Rarotonga with some doing the “ Round the Rock run”. October does not look too quiet either with Pukekohe, Ekiden relay, Auckland Marathon, and the Morrinsville fun run. Last of all and put in the ‘Do-Not-Forgettery’ department Pink Run – now known as the Button Run – Thursday 25 October at Hamilton Lake – We have supported this in the past.

It has been great to see so many of the Club out and about getting extra km’s up for some events that are targeted for the likes of Auckland and Queenstown marathons, and even those going further afield such as the New York marathon. Although fitness certainly helps on the day, enjoyment of the environment around you is equally important for those valued memories.

Thanks to Group 3 for the August meal. The night went very well. From there it leads on that Group 4, led by Lorraine who will be doing the Thursday 27th September meal.

Just remember – The light at the end of the tunnel may well be – A fellow HRR team member

Club Notes

  • Running Group List – The lists are on the Notice Board in the corridor at HRR HQ – Please check to see which of the 4 groups you are assigned to – Any changes needed please see VP Gary

  • Club Books – There are two books on the table at HRR - #1 – Run book – This is for events you have done and can record your times and PBs in – Book #2 – This is the away book and has up coming runs in it. It is handy in that it can help with car pooling – forward planning is good.

  • Dinner Night – Thursday 27 September – Hosts Group 4

  • Quiz Night - Thursday 4th October – HRR Club House

  • Pink Run - Thursday 25 October – The annual fundraiser for Waikato Breast Cancer Research. This has been a great fun night for the club to support at our Hamilton Lake

  • Percy Lawn Event – 25th November – Please mark this on your calendar as this is our next upcoming event. This will be hosted by Te Awamutu Marathon Clinic and we will be looking at getting a good club representation there.

  • Discounts - Did you know your HRR membership card gives you discounts at Trek n Travel and Shoe Clinic?

Be a Hamilton Rod Runner for a day

Support our Rodney as he completes his 100th Half Marathon at the Hamilton Half, Sunday September 30, Flagstaff Park at 9 am.

Re-convene at 6 pm at the Helm Bar for drinks and pizzas


In the 1980’s when running was at its height of popularity the 3 local non-harrier type clubs, the Te Awamutu Marathon Clinic, Hamilton Marathon Clinic and Hamilton Road Runners decided to have an annual 3-way relay competition. It was a celebration of being in the company of like minded people with some friendly rivalry. It has survived as a social competitive Sunday morning in November ever since.

The event is hosted in turn by each club and the format is to have teams of four runners or four walkers. The courses each club chooses are to have a distance of 4-5km for the runners and around 2km for the walkers. The host club supplies morning tea for everyone. Points are scored for each team, the number of points depending on the position the team finishes in. So if there are 15 running teams, for instance, the first team to finish gets 15 points, the second 14 points, and so on down to one point for the last team; likewise for the walking teams.

Initially there was just one trophy which was donated by a Road Runners member, John Jago who owned Jago Jewellers in Frankton. The relay was accordingly called the Jago Cup. In the early 1990’s the Hamilton Marathon Clinic donated a trophy so that the runners and walkers could compete for separate trophies, the Jago Cup for runners and the HMC trophy for walkers.

In 1992 a much loved member of Te Awamutu Marathon Clinic, Percy Lawn, was taking part in the event which was being hosted by the Hamilton Marathon Clinic down by the Grantham Street boat ramp. His club was short of a runner in one team that day so Percy was doing two laps. When he crossed the finish line he collapsed on the ground and everyone thought he was mucking about because he was a bit of a joker like that. Unfortunately we soon realised he wasn’t joking and had suffered a severe heart attack. CPR was tried but to no avail. Nobody had muchappetite for morning tea that day.

Since then the event has been named the Percy Lawn Memorial Relay in honour of a guy who was a ‘good bugger’ and a great club member. The Te Awamutu Marathon Clinic had a trophy made which the hosting club now awards to one of its members each year who they consider demonstrates the sort of club spirit which Percy showed. We hosted the event last year and awarded the trophy to Wayne.

I believe nobody has won the HMC walking trophy other than HMC although we did give them a bit of a fright last year, and maybe this year we can knock them off their perch. For a lot of the 2000’s the Road Runners held the Jago Cup but it has been with HMC for a few years now. We definitely want to return it to its rightful home in our trophy cabinet this year, so get your names on the list and let’s do it! The event is on Sunday 25 November at Te Awamutu.

Hot Foot Award: August Athlete of the Month

Jane Roche - Taupo Half Marathon

Events and Times September

Lex Chalmers Kinloch Trail Run 21 Km Run 2h,42m,40s Karen McLaughlin Kinloch Trail Run 21 Km Run 4h,05m,15s Ross Dewstow Kinloch Trail Run 21 Km Run 2h,20m,16s Eileen Odgers - 1st IAG Kinloch Trail Run 10 Km Walk 1h,35m,08s Sue Hunter- 1st Woman Lenser Night Run -McLaren Falls 21 Km Run 1h,50m Gary Fieldes Lenser Night Run- McLaren Falls 7 Km Run 42m Annette Hermans Lenser Night Run- McLaren Falls 7 Km Run 42 m Karen McLaughlan Whangamata Fun Run 21 Km Run 3h,20m,44s Clare McCarthy Whangamata Fun Run 21 Km Run 2h,12m,16s Norm Robins 1st IAG Whangamata Fun Run - 4th overall 10 Km Run 42m,03s Annette Hermans 2nd IAG Whangamata Fun Run 10 Km Run 52m,39s Kevin Hooker – 3rd IAG Whangamata Fun Run 10 Km Run 55m,29s Gary Fieldes – 2nd IAG Whangamata Fun Run 10 Km Run 57m,11s Karen Hooker- First Event Whangamata Fun Run 10 Km Run 1h,28m,44s Neil Crocker Whangamata Fun Run 10 Km Run 1h,16m,52s Sue Hunter Moa Experience Trail Run Papamoa 15 Km Run 1h,59m Sue Hunter 3rd Woman Lenser Night Run – Rotorua 21 Km Run 1h,58m,33s Karen McLaughlin Lenser Night Run – Rotorua 10.5 Km Run 2h,05m,03s Ross Dewstow Waihi Trail Trilogy 55 Km Run 7h,23m,32s Lynda Brahne Waihi Trail Trilogy 55 Km Run 7h,53m,57s Jill Sklenars Waihi Trail Trilogy 21 Km Run 2h,08m,24s Annette Hermans Waihi Trail Trilogy 9 Km Run 51m,57s Gary Fieldes Waihi Trail Trilogy 9 Km Run 56m,30s Kirsten Job Cambridge Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,00m,42s Rod Gill- 2nd IAG Cambridge Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,03m,56s Kerin Buttimore Cambridge Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,17m,14s Tau Holden Cambridge Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,10m,10s Vicky Birkett Cambridge Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,04m,59s Val Wilson Cambridge Half Marathon 10 Km Run 1h,00m,04s

Park Run Hamilton Lake 5th Birthday Run – 20 October Hanim Ayob - PB Cambridge Park Run

**Sorry due to early newsletter complete September results will be available at end of month.

From the Bush

9 September Ocean Beach half – Napier 16 September Waihi Trail Trilogy Fun Run 9km to 100km Ultra 22 September Te Tahu Fun Run – Little Waipa Domain Arapuni 6 October Cape Kidnappers Trail Run 13 October Taupo Ultra Marathon 27 October King of The Mountain - Kawarau 3 November Taniwha Trail Run - Kinleith 4 November Waihi Xterra 10 November Tairua Trail to Tide Run 10 November Rimutaka Trail Run 24 November Waitetuna Windmill Off Road 1 December The Goat – Mt Ruapehu 8 December Karioi Trai Run - Raglan 9 February Tarawera – Trail Run 23 March 2019 Ring of Fire – Ruapehu 8 April 2019 Rotorua Xterra – Blue Lake 14 April 2019 Eastern Traverse – Rotorua

The Far-Looker

16 September Cambridge Half 22 September Tauranga Int Marathon 22 September Over the Top Run – Waihi Beach 21 to 25 September Project Raro – HRR International 29 September Blue Lake Challenge Rotorua 30 September ** Hamilton Half 30 September Note to self Daylight Savings Starts Auckland Half Marathon Series 30 September Devonport Half Event 1 2 December Omaha Half Event 2 10 February 2019 Coatesville Half Event 3 17 March 2019 Maraetai Half Event 4 14 April 2019 Auckland Water Front Event 5 13 October Ekiden Relay – Rotorua 14 October Pukekohe Joggers & Walkers 20 October Park Run 5th Bday Hamilton Lake 25 October Button Run – ( Pink Run for breast cancer ) 28 October Auckland Marathon 28 October Morrinsville Fun Run 4 November New York Marathon 4 November Tauranga City to Surf 17 November Queenstown Marathon 18 November Toi’s Challenge Whakatane 18 November Round the Bridges 25 November Percy Lawn Challenge, Te Awamutu 10 February 2019 Orewa Beach Half 2 March 2019 Mountain to Surf – Taranaki 9 March 2019 Kirikiriroa Marathon / Relay 17 March 2019 Maraetai Half - 18 March 2019 Run the Vines - Martinborough 25 May 2019 Whitianga Half

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