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Club Newsletter, March


Well almost another month gone and plenty seems to have been achieved in March.

First off, I would like to thank the convener of the Kirikiriroa Marathon aid station, Roger Evans, and his team of water babes, and also Wayne on the HRR water table. I also wish to acknowledge those in the Club either assisting or participating in the event.

But the big shout out must go to Vicky Birkett for being the Club’s newest marathonist. Well done Vicky.

By now our Club’s St Paddy’s Day run from Glenview Club will be just a memory and a fresh run for some. I would also like a big shout out to our President, Big Norm for being in the Engine Room of our new summer series run, that has changed from the Lake to a new venture at the Glenview Club. Thank you Norm for all your hours of behind the scenes work. Thanks also to those others who helped on the day to make it a successful event.

Dinner meeting this month has been brought forward to 22nd, because the following week is Easter. This will be a $5 pizza night. However, Group 3 will not be off the hook as they will be in the hole for the 26th April meal.

On Thursday 5 April, Lex is convening a Treasure event. This will be at Club night….it sounds intriguing and I look forward to joining you in finding out what it is all about.

On Sunday 8 April, Annette and Gary have an event planned. More suspense, and more details to come from Annette and Gary.

The next big hit will be Team Rotorua on May 5th. We want a large contingent to attend. As I see it, its just going around a lake, a bit like Hamilton Park run but on a slightly larger scale. How hard can it be? On a more serious note, there are multiple options such as half marathon, 10 km and 5 km. The digs are booked and the after party is legendary with Gary’s beat box.

HRR Memorial Relay is 19 May. Put this on your calendar now. For the newer members this is a great social day and is set up as a relay team event with one or two 2.3km laps for each person. More details will be released soon.

As we are fast approaching the ‘dark side’, over Easter you may want to find your Hi-vis vest and put new batteries in your torch. Whilst we are talking about the ‘dark side’, the treasury people have been on the phone and subs are now due. The Full sub is $66 for a 12 month period. Please note that your subs invoice will be with you shortly along with a request for ICE (In Case of Emergency) details.

It has been great to see our people out doing events like the Cambridge Fun Run and the Coatesville Half. I hope you all had fun and it went well. For those wanting to get their feet wet, 28 April sees the Waitomo Off Road Event again. This is a great event for those who want a change from road running and enjoy the back to nature experience.

Lastly. I would like to pass on my thanks to Lex who is crunching the numbers as we speak, and who will release the stats on the Kirikiriroa Event soon.

To end, I hope that you all have a happy and safe Easter and just remember, the light at the end of the tunnel may well be a fellow Road Runner. Events and Times - Feb Chris Bidulph Buller Gorge Half Run 2 h, 5 m

Pat Goldsmith Blueberry 5 km run 0 h, 34 m

Rod Gill Blueberry 5km run 0 h, 30 m

Kerin Buttimore Blueberry 15 km run 1 h, 37 m, 34 s

Lisa Boddy Blueberry 5 km run 0 h, 35 m

Colleen Stacey Blueberry 10km run 1h, 15m

Jane Roche Blueberry 10 km run 1 h, 12 m

Annette Hermans Blueberry 10 km run 1 h, 01 m

Eileen Odgers Blueberry 15 km walk 2 h, 11 m

Michelle Goldsmith Blueberry 15 km run 1 h, 29 m

Debborah Young Orewa 21 km run 2 h, 01 m, 43 s

Sue Hunter Orewa 21 km run 1 h, 59 m, 41 s

Heather Flay Orewa 21 km run 2 h, 49 m, 21 s

Mary Ann Janssen Wellington Round the Bays 10 km run 1 h, 2 m, 12 s

Lex Chalmers Tarawera Ultra 70 km 18 h, 02 m

Paula Klein Tarawera Ultra 165 km 35 h, 16 m, 09 s

Ross Dewstow Tarawera Ultra 87 km 17 h 1st in Grade + PB Team Matariki Girls ( 4 )

Tarawera Ultra 87 km team Consists of the Team members:

Lynda Brahne Tarawera Ultra 25 km 3 h, 29 m

Jill Sklenars Tarawera Ultra 18 km 3 h, 01 m

Vickie Burkett Tarawera Ultra 21 km 2 h, 45 m

Sky White Tarawera Ultra 23 km 3 h, 45 m

Wayne Reynolds Kakepuku 6 km run 0 h, 44 m 25 s

Pat Goldsmith Kakepuku 6 km run 0 h, 39 m

Neil Crocker Kakepuku 14 km walk 1 h,45 m 25s

Deborah Young Kakepuku 14 km run 1 h, 20 m

Jane Roche Kakepuku 14 km run 1 h, 40 m

Colleen Stacey Kakepuku 14 km run 1 h, 47m 05s

Michelle Goldsmith Kakepuku 14km run 1 h, 19 m

Eileen Odgers Kakepuku 14 km walk 2 h, 08 m 02s

Kerin Buttimore Kakepuku 14 km run 1 h, 27 m 59s

Rod Gill Kakepuku 14km run 1 h, 30 m 0s

Mark Gobles Kakepuku 14km run 1 h, 32m 43s

Jason Kakepuku 14km run 1 h, 34m 40s

Annette Hermans Generation Womens Tri Triathlon 0 h, 55 m 17 s 5th in vet. Womens 50-59

Hot Foot Award: Athlete of the Month

February - After a long Board deliberation this will be announced at the March Dinner Meeting. From the Bush Waitomo Trail Run, 28 April, - 6 km / 11 km / 22 km / 35 km

The Far-Looker 25 March Huntly Half

5 April Lex’s Treasure Event (Club Night)

8 April Annette and Gary Event

28 April Waitomo Off Road

5 May Rotorua Marathon

19 May HRR Memorial Relay

26 May Whitianga Half – Inaugural

21 to 21 September Project Raro – HRR International

28 October Auckland Marathon

28 October Morrinsville Fun Run

18 November Round the Bridges

25 November Percy Lawn Challenge, Te Awamutu

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