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What's up - Matariki edition

​Hi ​Team,

Vicky’s voice (Club Captains update) Well done to all those who survived the mud at the cougar. Newbies to the course were Michael and Kerin who seemed to survive. Michael having run his first trail event seems to have caught the bug and would be keen on another trail. Thanks to Tau and Val for checking out the new Gordon Spratt Reserve parkrun at the weekend. Apparently a nice course and friendly but no view of the beach. We had a good committee meeting this week with a special guest from Waikato Athletics to give us details about joining NZ Athletics but more to follow on this in the coming weeks. We also decided that as our July dinner night is a mid winter Christmas​, see the details below. Don’t forget Anna returns next Thursday (20th July) for some more stretching (James you might need to attend this one )! We’ve got caps, beanies, visors, and buffs available for purchase. Talk to me on Thursday to purchase (I’ve got a list of people already so will get ready for you). Remember it’s a short week this week with a long weekend for Matariki but that means a bonus run. Don’t worry this will be a steady run so as not to overdo it before event 2 of our club champs on Sunday. Keep reading to find out what is ​​happening. See you Thursday! Vicky CLUB CHAMPS SECOND ROUND THIS SUNDAY

The first series of events leading to the finding of our overall Walking and Running Club Champions was held last month, and the second race in the series will be held this Sunday over 5 kms. There are separate trophies awarded for each of the three distances in the series for both runners and walkers. Location:At the club rooms at Hamilton Lake . When : Registration for the running and walking events will take place at 8.45 am with racing to commence at 9.00. Who Can Compete: you must be a financial member of the Club on the day. Feel free to invite anyone else to come along and participate however. We will record a time for them but no points available for our Club Championship. WHAT NEXT: Following registration two heats will be organised and run. An official starter will accompany you to the start line and will communicate with the timekeepers. Once you run or walk across the finish line you will receive a numbered token which you will hand in to the official recorder to match up with your time. The second heat has been organised to allow the first race officials to then take part with a second group of timekeepers etc. WHO WINS ? Times will be adjusted via an internationally recognised handicap system based on your age. Those of you familiar with parkrun age grade percentages, we have a system to cope with the various distances we will be incorporating in our championship. Points will be allocated based on your age group adjusted result. This means everyone will be able to compete with the fastest on the day! WHAT’S UP FOR GRABS There are eight handicap trophies to be awarded to recognise the best runner and walker at each distance. The overall club champ will be awarded to the runner and walker who has accumulated the most points from each distance during the year A separate race committee has been formed to run the event on the day and to collate the results which will be available at our next Club night. Reminder that any queries regarding the event should be directed to the Committee SEE YOU ALL ON SUNDAY 8.45 am AT THE LAKE

​Membership 23/24 Just a reminder, if you've paid and haven't received your card yet they're​ available at the clubrooms on Thursday, usually at the bar or ask one of the committee members. Show it at Trek n Travel or Shoe clinic for the club discount. Thursday Another 50 minute run from Vicky plus the usual runs and walks. Friday 8am at Joe’s Garage for a round the bridges run or walk. S​aturday Lex is steering the ship at University and both local runs are well represented by HRR always​. Sunday C​lub champs - 5km ​27th July - Mid winter Christmas dinner night This time it will be free to attend just bring a plate​ and your best christmas outfit​. Santa has come early and brought some great raffle prizes​ to. ​G​et in early and RSVP via email or complete the following form.​ ​ Running & Walking results - July 8 - 9 This week 35 members took part in parkrun at 7 events

  • Dunedin - 1

  • Hamilton Lake - 17

  • Taupō - 1

  • Whangarei - 1

  • University of Waikato - 10

  • Waitangi - 3

  • Gordon Spratt Reserve - 2​​

Course PB’s

  • Janlou VAN BOSCH - 19:52 @ Hamilton Lake

  • Stephen ADAMS - 23:46 @ University of Waikato

Cougar Trail Run

  • James Hunt - 21km ​​- 2:38:13

  • Angela Buchanan - 21km - 2:54:49

  • Lisa Hammington - 21km - 3:02:13

  • Cathie Blade - 21km - 3:45:12

  • Rod Gill ​​ ​​ - 21km - 4:31:54

  • Kerin Buttimore - 21km - 4:31:55

  • Michael Skvortsov - 14km - 1:44:36

  • Zilah Hamdan - 14km - 2:16:50


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