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What's Up? April 4th 2023

We hope you enjoyed that extra hour in bed at the weekend!! With that hour though it means it will be getting dark during our Thursday runs and walks now so don't forget your lights and high vis. Trek N travel on Victoria Street have a range of lights and high vis, along with Shoe Clinic and you get a discount with your HRR membership card.

Kirikiriroa Marathon Training Group Monday evenings is now the night for marathon training with the Kirikiriroa training group. If you want to find out more check out their facebook group here: or talk to Andrew Marshall, Olive Adams, Lex Chalmers or Heather Flay on a Thursday evening and they will happily tell you more. One of our newest members, Daniel, is also looking for teammates for the relay - if you are keen we can introduce you. Coming up Huntly Half

If you sign up to the event then join the Hamilton Road Runners Team.

This week Thursday

This week Garmin says speed repeats. A longish session not for the faint hearted on the rail trail with Vicky.

Sweeties by Dan on Killarney Road has an open cabinet evening - so for those who want to run for cake it could be worth checking out!

There will also be the usual steady and slightly faster paced 5km and 10km ish routes.


As it’s Easter weekend those still in town meet at Joes Garage for a run or walk at 9am.

Running & Walking results - April 1-2 This week 34 members took part in parkrun at 4 events

  • Hamilton Lake - 16

  • Hagley Park - 1

  • Cambridge - 1

  • University of Waikato - 16

Course PB’s

  • Piet VERBURG - 23:36 @ University of Waikato

  • Jenny MELTON - 26:47 @ University of Waikato

  • Paul MELTON - 29:13 @ University of Waikato

  • Justin VODANE - 30:29 @ University of Waikato

  • Mark GOBLE - 30:44 @ University of Waikato

PWYW Tauranga Half Marathon

  • James Hunt - 21km - 1:50:47

  • Janlou Van Bosch - 21km - 1:51:30

  • Anthonie Van Bosch - 21km - 2:08:20

  • Jeanne van der Merwe - 21km - 2:31:30

  • Rod Gill - 21km - 2:31:31

  • Hartwig Rabl - 21km - 2:42:20

  • Denyse Graham - 15km - 1:21:33

  • Val Wilson - 15km - 1:23:37

  • Steve Rossiter - 15km - 1:25:43

  • Annette Hermans - 10km - 54:50

  • Lynda Brahne - 10km - 58:19

  • Jenny Holland - 10km - 1:17:29

  • Leanne Hinton - 10km - 1:44:35

  • Gary Fieldes - 5km - 34:28

Waterfront Half Marathon

  • VINCENT PREISS - 21km - 1:38:31

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