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Newsletter - 25th May 2022

Parkruns This week 30 members attended parkrun at 6 events

  • Hamilton Lake - 14

  • Tauranga - 1

  • Puarenga - 2

  • Cambridge - 1

  • Hobsonville Point - 1

  • University of Waikato - 11

Course PB’s

  • Phill MOORE - 25:54 @ University of Waikato

Other Events: Great Kiwi Walk/Run Tauranga

  • Percy Fisher - 5km in 1:38:09

  • Zilah Hamdan - 9km in 1:36:52

  • Leon Rodrigues 9km in 1:36:52

Hamilton Road Runners 1km Championships

  • Come along Thursday Club Night to find out!


We have a jam packed club night coming up this week! First of all we have the usual runs and walks planned, along with some hill reps up Fowlers Ave as we haven't done it this year! But join us afterwards for CAKE, Member of the Month, Coffee Voucher draw, Club champs 1km results and Trek N Travel will be around to showcase some winter accessories!

Saturday: Parkrun! Gary is RD at Hamilton Lake for the next 2 weeks. There's still a few spots left on the volunteer rosters at the lake. Uni and Cambridge also have lots of spaces so if you're not walking or running at the moment why not help out. Sunday 9am - Nikau Track, Pirongia - accessed from Limeworks Loop Road. From Hamilton take SH23 to Whatawhata. Turn left onto Te Pahu Road after the bridge over the Waipa River. Limeworks Loop Road is about 10.6 km on the right. We will hit the Nikau track and caves in Pirongia. Bring a head torch if you wish to go in the caves.

Club champs and scoring

Thanks to everyone that completed the 1km on Sunday and made it a great first event.

Your times will be adjusted via an internationally recognised handicap system based on your age. Points will be allocated based on your age group adjusted result. This means everyone will be able to compete with the fastest on the day!

If you've never heard of Age Grade ratings or have wondered what that percentage is on your parkrun results here's a quick explanation... Age grade ratings are a method of evening up timers amongst a range of runners/walkers. The higher the percentage, the better the performance.

A value of 100% is generally considered the best that is possible for a particular distance by a runner of a specific age and sex. It is often, but not always, the value produced by the world record time.

Here's a completely random example:

A male aged 68 running 5km in a time of 23:47 gives an age grade rating of 71.72% (and an age graded time 17:55)

A male aged 53 running in the same time would give an age grade rating of 62.93% (20:25 age graded time). They would need to complete the 5km in 20:52 to match the age grade rating.

That's it for this week.

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