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Newsletter - 30th April 2022

Parkrun This week, 26 members attended parkrun at 6 events

  • Barry Curtis parkrun (1)

  • Hamilton Lake parkrun (7)

  • Kapiti Coast parkrun (1)

  • Whangarei parkrun (1)

  • Cambridge NZ parkrun (1)

  • University of Waikato parkrun (15)

PB’s Congratulations to the following who got course PBs at parkrun:

  • Colin KING - 26:44 @ University of Waikato parkrun

  • Stephen HARLOW - 24:35 @ Hamilton Lake parkrun

Other Events Hobbiton Halfling Marathon

  • Lynda Brahne - 2:45:36

  • Cathie Blade - 2:59:19

  • Andrew Marshall - 2:59:21

  • Ross Dewstow - 3:12:55

  • Vicky Brewin - 3:23:45

  • Jill Sklenars - 3:23:45

Hobbiton Eleventyfirst (11km)

  • Olive Adams - 1:28:45

  • Andy Pryde - 1:29:43

  • Michelle Pryde - 1:29:43

  • Philippa Jensen - 3:15:33

  • Colleen Stacey - 3:15:34

  • Heather Flay - 3:17:00

  • Eileen Odgers - 3:17:01

  • Jane Roche - 3:17:03

CLUB SHIRTS/SINGLETS An order is being finalised next week so let us know what you'd like at club night or email the committee and we'll add it to the order.

THURSDAY: This week it's Revenge of the 500 metre sprints on the rail trail.

There will also be the usual walks and longer runs.

Meet at 5:30 inside the club.

Don't forget your high viz clothing and/or lights.

Check out our events calendar on our website and in the club rooms to see what's happening.

Also if you are on Facebook click "going" on the events if you are joining us so we can see what numbers are looking like.


Cambridge is celebrating event #222 with a bonus Tutu run, Its also Parkruns NZ's 10th anniversary this week (#1 was Lower Hutt, 5th May 2012) so let's get out to a Parkrun somewhere.

Remember to add the club on your parkrun profile if you haven't already and make Stu happy.


Meet at Breaking Bread for 9am for either a Hakarimatas summit - long or short way and a river trail plod for those not wanting elevation.

That's it for this week.

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