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Newsletter - 3 May 23

Good luck to everyone heading to Rotorua this weekend.

There will also be a supporters group heading over after the parkrun in Hamilton (as Puarenga is cancelled) for anyone who wishes to support those taking part.

2023/24 Membership fees

Thanks to all those that have rejoined for 2023/24. If you haven't renewed yet please get them as soon as possible.


Vicky's Garmin is back on the speed repeats on the rail trail if anyone wants to join.

Sunday run

With many people in Rotorua there is no set run organised but if you wish to meet at Joe's Garage at 9am please let us know at Club night, email or via the facebook group and we can put the message out there.

Coming up

6 May - Rotorua Marathon14 May - Huntly Half - If you sign up to the event then join the Hamilton Road Runners Team. 14 May - Summerhill Skedaddle Papamoa 10 June - Kirikiriroa Marathon and relay Running & Walking results - April 29-30 This week 30 members took part in parkrun at 4 events

  • Hamilton Lake - 20

  • Cambridge - 2

  • University of Waikato - 7

  • Trentham Memorial - 1

Course PB’s

  • Luke O'CONNELL - 19:43 @ Hamilton Lake

  • Daniel YIN - 23:13 @ Hamilton Lake

  • Steve ROSSITER - 24:07 @ Hamilton Lake

  • Jenny MELTON - 26:06 @ University of Waikato

  • Sarah-Jane EDGAR - 26:41 @ University of Waikato

  • Paul MELTON - 28:13 @ University of Waikato

  • Piet VERBURG - 24:20 @ Trentham Memorial

Generation Homes McLaren Falls Trail

  • Janlou Van Bosch - 9.5km* - 48:49

  • Anthonie Van Bosch - 9.5km* - 48:50

  • Anna Armstrong - 9.5km* - 52:36

  • Angela Buchanan - 9.5km* - 1:06:22

  • Alison Marshall - 5.5km* - 1:08:46

* distance approximate and likely understated

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