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Newsletter - 18th May 2022

Hi Team,

Weekend May 14-15

parkruns This week 35 members attended parkrun at 3 events

  • Hamilton Lake parkrun - 25

  • Highlands parkrun - 1

  • University of Waikato parkrun - 9

Course PB’s

  • Piet VERBURG - 23:58 @ Hamilton Lake parkrun

  • Corrina PINKERTON - 31:45 @ Highlands parkrun

Great Kiwi Walk/Run Hamilton


  • Zilah Hamdan - 52:37

  • Tau Holden - 53:45

  • Percy Fisher - 1:22:19


  • Cath Reimer - 1:42:44

We also had 7 Road Runners volunteer at this event, some of whom walked it also, thanks and well done to everybody involved!

Hawkes Bay Marathon


  • Val Wilson - 4:25:14 (Marathon PB!)


  • Sonja Fantom - 1:01:05

Summerhill Skedaddle

  • Lauren Rowe

  • Marlin Fisher

  • Mark Goble

  • Hanim Ayob

  • Lynda Brahne

  • Steve and Olive Adams - Relay Team

  • Rob Hammington

  • Dick Breukink

  • Aaron Kearney

  • Vicky Brewin

  • Cathie Blade

  • Ross Dewstow

Thursday Practice for Club Champs on Sunday - 3 or 4 1km Sprints on the rail trail. (Don't go too mad, just helps gauge how far a km is!) The usual runs/walks will also be happening.


Parkrun is on. Andrew is the Run Director at Uni this week. You'll get a better finishing position, there's two lakes at Uni (twice as many as the competition), it's flatter that Cambridge PR and Jack's Cafe has some pretty tasty eats, so if you haven't done it yet head on over on Saturday (and wear pink). Don't forget the coffee and muffin discount

Sunday 1km Club Champs Our first event in our Club Champs Series! Meet at Korkori park (near Rototuna High) for an 8.45am briefing. Those wanting to run more than a km can carry on round the area. Refreshments at Alfies afterwards.

Save the date Thursday 26th May Please note the last Thursday of the month is a very special night - it's the first of our monthly cake nights, we will also announce Member of the Month, have the coffee voucher prize draw and Trek N Travel will be around to showcase some winter accessories!

Rugby Volunteers are still needed for the Chiefs Rugby games on Saturday from approximately 2.30pm to 6pm. Let Sarah Jenkins know if you can assist for either of these two events. These events are busy but fun and a great chance to get to know your club mates, as well as help generate funds for the club!

Covid Just a reminder that it's still around so if you have cold/flu symptoms please stay home and put your feet up. Also if you have covid and need help with anything please shout out, there's a lot of us who can help out with whatever you need, from coffee to stitch cutters, to get through it.

That's it for this week.

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