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Newsletter 12/9

Vicky's Voice Looks like we missed a glorious weekend in Hamilton and Kinloch! Looks like a great morning was had on the trails in Kinloch and well done to everyone who took part!! We were spending some time up in Millwater enjoying the parkrun there and the finale in the Run Auckland Series. The Run Auckland Series is a great little series to keep you honest during the winter months (and probably like the road version of Xterra!). Anyway Stu and I signed up to the early bird for $140 that is only available this week. That's 6 events for $23 each. Link below if you are interested.

After I crossed the line and went to collect my bag I heard an emergency call for a medic at the finish...I didn't think anything of it but turns out it was Annette who had fainted but she managed to crawl across the finish line and have one of the timers stop her watch! I thought Gary and Haydn were the ones to watch out for but turns out Annette wanted in on the action...must have been because she had me in her sights!

We’ve signed the club up to support The Big Morning Run, as part of mental health awareness week. It’s a chance to start the day off right with a morning run. Meet Stu and me at the car park of the Hakarimatas at 5am if you’re keen.

Don't forget this is your last week to get in on our Memorial Day relay and lunch. This is a great event and the lunch at Roaming Giant promises to be awesome. See details further on in the newsletter. Andrew will be coming round with the clipboard on Thursday to sign you up.

This weekend sees the epic Race Tekapo event happening which sees a few of our club members attending! Good luck to everyone taking part and can't wait to see the photos. I move up a parkrun age grade this weekend so will be running half of the Timber Trail track to correlate the number of kms with number of years. You might also see me at the Lake parkrun on Saturday clinging onto the back of Darren Little as he drags me round for a PB....MAYBE!

Anyway see some of you on Thursday...might be time for a bit of Fowler's Ave. Will see who is around!


Memorial Relay - Sunday 1 October A fun event, the annual relay will be at the traditional spot, the Arboretum in the morning. Teams of Runners and walkers, closest team time estimate wins the trophy. No watches, no phones etc. The Memorial club lunch will follow at the Roaming Giant, $20 a head with the rest of the meal costs subsidised by the club. What we need now is sign ups to arrange the teams and the numbers for lunch, please do this this week. Either fill in the form on Thursday night, or email us. Important: Trophies Thanks to those who have returned their trophies already. Can we please have all trophies returned for refurbishment and preparation for this years awards as soon as possible! Thursday Club night - everyone's welcome Heading out at 5:30 from the club, Sounds like some hills are on the cards, or some flat for the sensible and/or broken. As mentioned above Andrew will have a signup form for for the Memorial relay/lunch. Saturday - Parkrun day Lex is taking charge at the Uni with a solid crew of HRR volunteers. Sunday 9am Heading out from Robert Harris Cafe, 2 Kurarere Lane (by the Ruakura expressway offramp)

What's coming up? September 16th: Race Tekapo 17th: Sunday Runday - Robert Harris, Ruakura 20th September: Big Morning run for mental health, Hakarimatas, 5am 21st: Annas strength and stretch 23rd: Blue Lake 24 Hour Challenge 23rd: Whangamatā Run Walk Festival 24th: Clocks go forward! Especially important if you’re running as you won’t want to miss it! 24th: Cambridge Half Marathon October 1st: Memorial Relay 8th: Sunday Runday - Blue Springs 14th: Hamilton Lake parkrun 10th anniversary 19th: Annas strength and stretch 26th: Dinner night 29th: Lake Kainui supporting Anna November 16th: Annas stretch and strength 18th/19th: Coastal five 26th: Jago Cup Running & Walking results - September 9-10 This week 31 members took part in parkrun at 5 events

  • Hamilton Lake - 12

  • Millwater - 7

  • Tauranga - 2

  • Cambridge - 1

  • University of Waikato - 9

Course PB’s

  • Janlou VAN BOSCH - 19:40 @ Hamilton Lake

  • Anthonie VAN BOSCH - 20:25 @ Hamilton Lake

  • Vicky BREWIN - 24:44 @ Millwater

  • Andrew MARSHALL - 28:14 @ Millwater

  • Denyse GRAHAM - 25:14 @ Tauranga

  • Steve ROSSITER - 25:15 @ Tauranga

Kinloch Off Road Challenge

  • Stephen Adams - 42k - 4:39:01

  • Michelle Pryde - 21k - 2:29:34

  • Andy Pryde - 21k - 2:43:43

  • Lisa Hammington - 21k - 2:54:10

  • Zilah Hamdan - 21k - 3:14:53

  • Rod Gill - 21k - 3:39:14

  • Mark Odgers - 21k - 3:46:39

  • Dick Breukink - 21k - 3:53:57

  • Eileen Odgers - 21k - 4:34:33 (1st IAG)

  • Heather Flay - 21k - 4:34:33

  • Olive Adams - 10km - 1:06:22

  • Colleen Stacey - 10km - 1:32:45

  • Pip Jensen - 10km - 1:39:08

  • Jane Roche - 10km - 1:39:08

Run Auckland Millwater Estuary 10.5k

  • Vicky Brewin - 00:57:29 (3rd IAG)

  • Annette Hermans - 00:58:52 (1st IAG)

  • Stu Meads - 01:04:54

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