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From the Captains Table, March 2020

Welcome to the March newsletter.

Well, who would have thought that a little bug could cause so much trouble. A big shout out to President Gary and his trusty team for having HRR plan B up and running so quickly – yes HRR locked up. The Facebook page has done well with challenges each day and ‘make your own not a parkrun course’ and report your times in. If you have not caught up with this contact President Gary for further details.

Well done to those who did the Matamata Tower Run on Friday night as a last training run for the Kirikiriroa Marathon. Then the big event at the start of the month was our very own local Kirikiriroa Marathon. What great numbers turned out by HRR in the marathon, team events, water station help, marshals and those who helped organise the event. It was pleasing to see so many members making themselves available for the day. I would also like to have a shout out to all the HRR supporters that the weekend before the marathon who helped Leanne Hinton get her first marathon completed. Due to Leanne helping on the day she was not able to take part in the event.

Kakapuku - It was great catching up with our fellow athletes from Hamilton Marathon Clinic and a special mention to the hosts of the day Te Awamutu Marathon Clinic. A great social morning was had.

Maraetai Half - Cath Reimer did well and had a great day at this event.

Waiheke - Four HRR’s took on the challenge of the Wharf to Wharf event. A distance of 25km and there are a few good hills on this event. The flyer of the day being Norm Robins doing the 12km run at supersonic speed as this course is not flat either and came in 1st place. Well done Norm. This is a great locally run event and a great weekend away and would recommend it for a weekend away.

Waipa Fun Run – Yes Cambridge, Big turn out from HRR, Looked like a good day out and great photos to show for it.

Dinner Night - If isolation is lifted – 28 May – Hosts Group 1 – convenor Kerin

Night Running – It is about now to find those high vis jackets and check your running light is in good condition read to use

Memorial Run – Yet to be confirmed – Tatua Arboritum

Rotorua Marathon – Date Change – 26 September

HRR Subs – Yes subscription for HRR beginning 1st March are due – The good news subs are being held at the same as last year.

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