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From the Captain's Table, December 2019

Welcome to the December HRR newsletter. Well what a great end of year awards night and dinner we had. A big thanks to Tim Saunders for laying out the hash course, Brian Smith for hosting the rehydration stop, Lorraine and the kitchen crew and Gary and Annette for doing all the pre set-up. Also my thanks to the HRR board for the long discussion on who the club trophies were to be awarded to.

The Club Spirit Award – Sam Foster

She is an athlete who joined us just to run. Then Sam decided she was fit enough to be an Achilles Guide. Then thought the Achilles runners could get some extra run time in by coming to Road Runners. It was great to see Sam think of others and including Steve and Sally in the club has certainly given HRR another dimension. It has also been great to see Some HRR’s giving guiding a go and all have found it a challenging but rewarding experience.

Most Improved Runner / Walker – Graeme Hawthorne

Well, he is a runner that after coming back to running from a long break, has come back with a vengeance. Graeme has steadily been building a string of great times. The Hamilton Half was a red hot time, but not done there he went on for a supersonic time at the Queenstown Marathon. The best memory of a Graeme training run was offering to guide Steve Donnelly who also has a quick pair of shoes and the run was that that quick that Steve was on his A game keeping up.

The Harris Trophy – Norm Robins

Here is a well deserved recipient. With the criteria of Service to HRR and a runner / walker who has had good times and results. It was pleasing to see Norm be awarded this Trophy. Norm has spent many years on the board and when not on the board has been helping measure and advise on new courses as well as help fellow athletes improve their times. Well done Norm.

In Reflection Of 2019

I see 2019 as a year of many firsts. We had so many new athletes come look at HRR and see a club that could take them places and so joined us. Then there are those who have done their first PB, their first event, first larger event, first trail event, first marathon, first team event. Another first is we now have our very own Achilles runners in the club. I would also like to thank those in HRR who have put their own run time aside to help improve another athletes abilities weather this be on or off road .

From the Club Captain – I have been very impressed with the Social Side of HRR and just like to say thank you to some that I regard as my team that have helped me out a lot over 2019 – Heather Morris, Lorraine Eves, Lynda Brahne, Chris Biddulph, Wayne Reynolds accommodation specialist and Sunday run specialists Gary and Annette.

HRR Club Officially Re Open – Thursday 16th January 2020, but will be open 9th January for anyone around.

Dinner Night Thursday 26 March – Group 1 – Convenor – Kerin

HAMILTON ROAD RUNNERS 40th Reunion - Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd February

Saturday night dinner: Time, Meal, Price: TBC. Venue: HRR Club Rooms

Glenview Summer Series Run: 8am, Glenview Club, 211 Peacocks Road

Upcoming Events

1 January – Park Run 8am Cambridge / Hamilton Lake 9.30am

4 January – Bowentown Beach Run/Walk Waihi 4pm

11 January – Summer Sizzler – Mangakino

25 January – The Good Home – Taranaki off road Half

25 January – The Tussock – Ruapehu

Nominations are now open for the 2020 / 2021 Hamilton Road Runners Board

It would be great if you could be part of the 2020 / 2021 Board

Well that is a wrap up of 2019.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Fellow athletes

PS: when you are running or walking the trails at Christmas, make sure you do not step in reindeer poo…..all that Christmas cake and carrots are murder on their digestion….


Cathie Blade - Omaha Half Marathon, 21 Km Run 2h,22m,47s

Kerin Buttimore - Sri Chinmoy Auckland, 10 Km Run 1h,5m,50s

Cathie Blade - 3rd IAG Karioi Trail Event, 24 Km Run 6h,52m,55s

Vicky Brewin - Karioi Trail Event, 24 Km Run 7h,22m,15s

Zoe Kenny - Karioi Trail Event 24 Km Run Tail End Charlie

Cath Reimer - 3rd Female Karioi Trail Event, 10 Km Walk 3h,10m,42s

Neil Crocker - Karioi Trail Event, 10 Km Walk 3h,44m,00s

Chris Biddulph - King & Queen of The Mount, 4.5 Km Run 29m,12s

Stu Meads - King & Queen of The Mount, 4.5 Km Run 35m,50s

Vicky Brewin - King & Queen of The Mount, 4.5 Km Run 35m,51s

Park Run

Robyn Slade - PB Hamilton Lake

Stu Meads - PB Hamilton Lake - 100th Park Run

Hamilton Road Runners at Large

Corrina Pinkerton - Southpark parkrun, Brisbane

Vicky Brewin - Millwater parkrun, Silverdale

Stu Meads - Millwater parkrun, Silverdale

Gary Fieldes - Cornwall Park parkrun, Auckland

Annette Hermans - Cornwell Park parkrun, Auckland

Robyn Slade - Eastend parkrun, New Plymouth

John Perrone - Queenstown parkrun, NZ

Vye Perrone - Queenstown parkrun, NZ


Athlete of the Month November

Sally Marston - New York Marathon - 1st Marathon


2 January 2020 King of the Mountain – Pauanui

11 January 2020 Waikato River Trails Summer Sizzler – Mangakino

18 January 2020 The Good Home – Taranaki Half

25 January 2020 The Tussock – Ruapehu

8 February 2020 Tarawera Ultra

22 February 2020 Coastal Challenge – Auckland

22 February 2020 Ruapehu Express – Ohakune

7 March 2020 Triple Peaks – Havelock North

21 March 2020 Pauanui Half – Pauanui

21 March 2020 Ring of Fire – Ruapehu

4 April 2020 Waitomo Trail Run

4 April 2020 Xterra - Rotorua

2 May 2020 Great Kauri Run - Coromandel

9 May 2020 The Nugget – Waihi

22 June 2020 Double Rainbow – Rotorua

11 July 2020 Captain Cooks Landing – Queen Charlotte Sound


1 January 2020 Cambridge Park Run – 8am

1 January 2020 New Years day Park Run – Hamilton Lake – 9.30am

1 January 2020 The Beach Mile – Whangamata

5 January 2020 Bowentown Beach Run – Waihi - 4pm

7 January 2020 Eastside Pub Run – Resumes

8 January 2020 Smith & McKenzie – Pub Run resumes

11 January 2020 The Mount Run – Tauranga

16 January 2020 HRR – Club night

9 February 2020 Summer Series – Blueberry Fun Run / Walk

15 February 2020 Expressway Classic Run / Walk - Taupiri 7am

15 February 2020 We Run the Nights – Mt Maunganui

22 February 2020 Summer Series – Glenview Run

7 March 2020 Kirikiriroa Marathon / Team Relay

8 March 2020 Round the Bays – Auckland

14 March 2020 Wharf 2 Wharf – Waiheke Island

15 March 2020 Waipa Fun Run – Cambridge

21 March 2020 Pauanui Half

21 March 2020 Round the Vines – Martinborough

22 March 2020 Hospice Waikato Fun Run Walk – Hamilton Gardens

2 May 2020 Rotorua Marathon

9 May 2020 St Clair Vineyard half – Blenheim

16 May 2020 Hawkes Bay Marathon

23 May 2020 Noosa Marathon

24 May 2020 Huntly Half Marathon

5 April 2020 Waterfront Half Marathon – Auckland

5 April 2020 Tauranga Half Marathon

19 April 2020 Run the Track – Hampton Downs Race Track

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