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From the Captain's Table, October 2019

Hello Everybody, here is the October newsletter. It has been great to see so many HRR’s out and about on various events.

Well the first event of the month was done by our Norm Robbins doing the Great Barrier Wharf to Wharf trail run. Norm did very well coming in 2nd. Norm who is normally known as a sprinter, must have been in a high performance training camp as he can now half marathons to his list. Well done Norm

Taupo Ultra - Well done Cathie Blade taking on the 100km event and finishing with only a couple of blisters, wow what a sign of great preparation.

Ekiden – Great effort everybody. With 6 teams on the go around the track from two HRR teams to wannabe All Blacks, Butterflies, Team Rock It Man (plenty of bling in this team), Snow White (AKA Kevin Hooker) and the dwarfs, then we had the pirates running amok all over the course. A special call out to Angela Buchanan for not only being a new boot in the event but also our newest team manager. Well done Angela. What is the best thing you can do on your birthday? Run with all your HRR mates at Ekiden! – Well done Rebecca Yeoman. Also thanks so much Wayne for being accommodation booking clerk, a great job done and Gary for keeping our teams informed. Aside note for those that wanted to stretch their legs pre Ekiden morning Rotorua Park Run. First home from HRR who else – young Norm.

Omokoroa Coastal Challenge trail – One for the Raewyn to get her teeth into. Great views but comes with great hills so I was told. Not a problem to our Raewyn.

Auckland Half + 11Km – Well what lucky timing, a couple of days later with that Sky City fire and this may not have happened considering Rod and Neil’s digs were in the stone pub next door. It was a great day. Rod and Neil pealed out the 21km while Lauren and “Team Sally” doing the 11 km. Morrinsville 10Km – Yes HRR was there too – With Tau and Kerin putting in an appearance. Great to support these community events.

Sunday Runs - Thanks very much Gary for organising the Sunday runs and also to Chris for putting on the Labour day Sanctuary Mountain bush reserve event. It has been great to see that these events are getting plenty of support.

Pink Run - Thanks to everyone who participated on the night and to all those who volunteered to make this event happen. An event well worth supporting every year for a great cause The Breast Cancer Research Team. Anyone still wishing to contribute see Heather Flay on any club night.

Thanks to Group 3 for the October meal. Sorry for the surprise on the date change due to Pink Run being on the 31st October.

Dinner and Awards Night - Thursday 12th December - Yes Christmas is fast coming our way. This will be in the format of everybody either bringing a main or dessert dish for a shared meal night. At 5.30pm we will have the usual club activity before dinner. Also we will have a Christmas food box for the local food bank. If you would like to contribute a can or packet to help fill the box that would be great.

Expressway Run / Walk – Taupiri Section – Yes a one off local event to add to your diary – 7am Saturday 15 Feb book your own event online.

Rehydration - Yes important. It is usually the case on off road events that there are cups at waterstations and now looks like a small trend is starting on some road events. For members new to events to invest in a bottle belt, collapsible drinking cup or even a camelback. As from here on in the heat will start to take its toll. Don’t forget to visit our friends at Trek n Travel for a good deal. Just present your membership card for a special discount.


Norm Robins - Great Barrier Wharf to Wharf Trail 21 Km Run 2h,00m,24s Cathie Blade - 1st IAG Taupo Ultra 100 km Run 17h,43m,02s Rod Gill - Auckland Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,24m,57s Neil Crocker - Auckland Half Marathon 21 Km Walk 2h,47m,22s Sally Marston - PB Auckland 11 km 11 Km Run 1h,05m,37s Lauren Rowe - Auckland 11 Km 11 Km Run 1h,17m,35s Raewyn Richmond - Omokoroa Coastal Challenge 15 Km Run 1h,24m,26s Tau Holden - Morrinsville Fun Run 10 Km Run 57m,25s Kerin Buttimore - Morrinsville Fun Run 10 Km Run 1h,06m,53s

Park Run Lauren Rowe - PB Hamilton Lake Gary Fieldes - PBs Hamilton Lake and Rotorua Steve Rossiter - PB Hamilton Lake Vye Perrone - PB Hamilton Lake Graeme Hawthorne - PB Hamilton Lake Sonja Phantom - PB Cambridge NZ

Ekiden Not So Fit Bits 3h,54m,26s Gary Fieldes, Annette Hermans, Rebecca Yeoman, Noel Richmond, Raewyn Richmond, Chris Biddulph Road Scholars 4h,10m,20s Kevin Hooker Snow White, Karen Hooker Dwarf 1, Val Wilson Dwarf 2, Jill Sklenars Dwarf 3, Tau Holden Dwarf 4, Lynda Brahne Dwarf 5 Flutter Byes 4h,40m,04s Eileen Odgers, Norm Robins, Shireen Oliver, Heather Flay, Zoe Kenny

HRR Pirates 4h,42m,45s Angela Buchanan Head Pirate, Julian Gobles Mini Pirate, Corrina Pinkerton Pirates mate, Sarah Smylie Pirates mutineer, Chris Biddulph Pirates charger, Mark Gobles Pirates backstop Road Runners 1 5h,39m,08s Marlin Fisher, Dave Ross, Lee Lawson, Neil Crocker, Chris Oliver, Wayne Reynolds Rock It Man 5h,51m,03s Jane Roche, Colleen Stacey, Pip Jensen, Bronwyn Roulston, Christine Thomsen



Graeme Hawthorne - Hamilton Half

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