From the Captain's Table, October 2018

October 30, 2018


Kia Orana everybody to the October newsletter and special welcome to Karen our newest member. Well if I thought the club was active in September, that was only a warm up to October’s achievers, as just the “who done it” alone, has filled two pages. Very impressed to see some doing first events, some stepping up to longer distances, those who have PB’s this month and those that have hit some mile stone targets. Congratulations to you all. 

We were a well-travelled club in September. Flying the HRR colours at Kinloch, the two Lenser events, Whangamata, The Moa, Waihi, Cambridge, Tauranga, Hamilton Half, Blue Lake and last of all The Round the Rock run Rarotonga. All in all 11 events and 63 HRR’s entered in events.  Then there was Park Run with 9 members either having PB’s or milestone events.  I would like to make special mention to our Rod Gill who did his 100th half marathon (or lets say 100 x 13.1 miles), what a great effort and I am so pleased at the amount of club support at Rods 100th.  I thank you all.

By now the October events - Ekiden Relay, Taupo Ultra, Pink Button Run, Auckland Marathon, Morrinsville Fun Run and Pukekohe Half are just a memory and here is hoping everybody had fun doing their particular events.

Then there are the upcoming events in November like Waihi Xterra, Waitetuna Windmill Run, Tauranga City to Surf, Toi’s Challenge, Round The Bridges, Percy Lawn, Queenstown Marathon, first marathon for Jill and the New York Marathon which I would like to wish all the best to Clare, Kim, Wayne and Sharon - may you have a great time and once again the HRR satellite will be pressed into service to track proceedings.

Friends, Romans and fellow Road Runners lend me your ears – The Percy Lawn Challenge is fast approaching and it is with urgency we need to rally some teams to conquer this event – Sunday 25 November at Te Awamutu Marathon Clinic - 320 Factory Road – Te Awamutu 

My thanks to Lorraine and the Group 4 gang for a great September meal.  I would also like to acknowledge Gary, Annette, Pat and Michelle for the October quiz night, thank you for your efforts. It was a great way to farewell Pat and Michelle at HRR and they are always welcome back when back this way.  Both Pat and Michelle have done so much for the club.  However the good news is we will now have expanded our presence with – HRR Napier office and I am sure this will be a sharp operation.

Next meal night – Thursday 1st November will be brought to us by head chef Norm and the Group 1 gang.  The date change is due to the clash of the “Pink Run” being held at Innes Common on Thursday 25th October.

Just to re-cap a tad as the September newsletter had to be sent out mid-month.  On the run reports:


Round the Rock – Rarotonga and run festival – The main event being the run around the island 31km and also a 10km run.  A great race day, it had a 5.30am start time and was a fairly showery day which lead to some record times for the event.  We had some good results and the HRR gang seemed to have a good day.  Other events done were fancy dress run, Hash run with BBQ and prize giving.  On the social scene we managed to fit in biking round the island, walking across the island (bush walk), cultural show, fishing with free whale watching and of course shopping.  All in all, a great break away and this could be you next year.

NZ National Road Relay – We were here.  Norm did sterling service or should I say silver service at the National Road Relay held in Christchurch and the relay team ran from Cashmere to Akaroa, a 76 Km course which was a rather breezy day and views to die for, literally as this course has a few hills in it. With over 100 teams entered, Norms’ team did well bringing home the silver medal in the over 50’s section. Well done Norm.

Blue Lake 24 hour challenge – Yes we were here too, a great event to see how far you can get in 24 hours.  Great amount of km covered by Sue and Ross a great effort.

Hamilton Half – We asked for a big hit on this for our Rods 100th half and not only did we have a good turn out from the club, but we had some step up for their first event and some doing great times, and in some cases, PBs. With a fine day (rare for this event) it added to being a great day.  My congratulations to all you fine athletes.

Ekiden – Rotorua – Well done to what I would call our “Party Athletes”.  For those not familiar with the event, it is a team event on the 42km Rotorua Marathon course divided up a team of 6 and is around Lake Rotorua.  Well, the start was a tad cool with an overcast day and a breeze that just didn’t leave us alone.  I was impressed with all the get up our 6 teams were wearing, taking fancy dress to a new level. I was very impressed doing the maths - 6 teams x 6 members that’s about a 3rd of HRR out on the track. Well done you. Lees’ team did well at prize giving, but the bigger score I thought was Lees’ spot prize of 6 x 12 packs of beer.  I thought new boot Shireen did very well on her first outing and also so did team “Birds of a Feather” who we only saw at the start as they just flew around the course.  However my biggest thanks for the weekend would have to go to our booking clerk for the Lodge accommodation Wayne Reynolds and also to Teams Facilitator Gary Fieldes, thank you both so much.

Taupo Ultra – Yes, same weekend we were here too.  Congratulations for surviving 50km of off road slog Karen and Ross you have done well.

Auckland Marathon – We had ten HRR’s padding around the course doing several distances of the event.  With a bad forecast for being wet and windy, all was good on the day with a light breeze and virtually no rain.  As I understand it everybody had a great day.  Even though it is an early start with a ferry ride and running over the harbour bridge, this does make it a special event.  I was particularly happy for Anya as she hit her target of being sub four-hour on the marathon. Anya thought the view from the top of the bridge and along the waterfront just magical.  I was rather impressed that Anya had set up a tracking app that her family in Germany could track in real time, which was their mid evening.  I was so pleased to see all our lot come in over the finish line.  Job well done I say. 

Morrinsville Fun Run – Yes another six HRR’s on the go for a good community charity run. Pleased to see that there was also a fine day had for this event and everybody also had a great time.

Sunday Run – Wow event number three on the same Sunday.  Looks like all the HRR shirts must have been out that day.  Thanks to Kevin for putting this event up.  I cannot remember the club ever doing three events on one day.  My hat off to all of you.

It is with disappointment that I hear that David and Phillipa Marley will soon be moving back to the UK. I would like to think we at HRR have given them some great memories of runs they have done with us and I would also like to say farewell to Ben and Deborah Young who have been involved with the club for quite some time and will soon be moving back to Auckland.  To you all you are welcome back at any time. I hope that Deborah may well be our eyes and ears for any new events that appear in the Auckland area.


Just remember – The light at the end of the tunnel may well be – A fellow HRR team member



Club Notes

Dinner Night – Norm and Group 1 – Date Thursday 1 November 

Glenview Run – Urgent attention – Please lock out this date on your calendar – Sunday 3 February 2019 – This is our run of the Summer Series – We will need a lot of club members to run this event and please put the word out to friends and family to sign up for this event and support it.

Running Group Lists – The lists are on the Notice Board in the corridor at HRR HQ – Please check to see which of the 4 groups you are assigned to – Any changes needed please see VP Gary 

Christmas Break HRR – We will be having our last dinner night at HRR on Thursday 13 December – This will also be our awards night. The first club night back will be Thursday 10th January 2019

Dinner Night 13 December – Meal more details to come – everybody brings a plate for dinner or dessert, but to streamline the night a list will be put out of what dishes would be liked for the night. HRR will provide the ham and chicken.

Food Bank – HRR have started a food box at the club for the next few club nights, If you would like to donate an article or two simply put in the box and on the 14th December we will pass on to the Hamilton Food Bank.

Dinner Night 31 January – Yes the club never sleeps This great meal will be brought to us by Group 2.

Club Books – There are two books on the table at HRR - #1 – Run book – This is for events you have done and can record your times and PBs in – Book #2 – This is the away book and has up coming runs in it. It is handy in that it can help with car pooling – forward planning is good.

Percy Lawn Event – 25th November – Please mark this on your calendar as this is our next upcoming event. This will be hosted by Te Awamutu Marathon Clinic and we will be looking at getting a good club representation there.

Discounts - Did you know your HRR membership card gives you discounts at – Trek n Travel and Shoe Clinic 



Hot Foot Award: September Athletes of the Month     
Rod Gill    100 Half Marathons 
Neil Crocker    Round the Rock Rarotonga 



Events and Times, September
Lex Chalmers     Kinloch Trail Run    21 Km Run    2h,42m,40s
Karen McLaughlin     Kinloch Trail Run     21 Km  Run    4h,05m,15s
Ross Dewstow    Kinloch Trail Run     21 Km Run    2h,20m,16s
Eileen Odgers - 1st IAG    Kinloch Trail Run    10 Km Walk    1h,35m,08s
Sue Hunter- 1st Woman     Lenser Night Run -McLaren Falls    21 Km Run    1h,50m
Gary Fieldes    Lenser Night Run- McLaren Falls    7 Km Run          42m   
Annette Hermans    Lenser Night Run- McLaren Falls     7 Km Run          42 m
Karen McLaughlan    Whangamata Fun Run    21 Km Run    3h,20m,44s
Clare McCarthy    Whangamata Fun Run    21 Km Run    2h,12m,16s
Norm Robins 1st IAG    Whangamata Fun Run - 4th over all     10 Km Run          42m,03s 
Annette Hermans  2nd IAG    Whangamata Fun Run    10 Km Run         52m,39s
Kevin Hooker – 3rd IAG    Whangamata Fun Run     10 Km Run         55m,29s
Gary Fieldes –   2nd IAG    Whangamata Fun Run    10 Km Run          57m,11s
Karen Hooker- First Event    Whangamata Fun Run     10 Km Run     1h,28m,44s
Neil Crocker    Whangamata Fun Run    10 Km Run     1h,16m,52s
Sue Hunter    Moa Experience Trail Run Papamoa    15 Km Run     1h,59m
Sue Hunter 3rd Woman     Lenser Night Run – Rotorua     21 Km Run    1h,58m,33s
Karen McLaughlin     Lenser Night Run – Rotorua     10.5 Km Run     2h,05m,03s
Ross Dewstow     Waihi Trail Trilogy     55 Km Run     7h,23m,32s
Lynda Brahne    Waihi Trail Trilogy    55 Km Run     7h,53m,57s
Jill Sklenars    Waihi Trail Trilogy     21 Km Run     2h,08m,24s
Annette Hermans     Waihi Trail Trilogy      9 Km Run           51m,57s
Gary Fieldes     Waihi Trail Trilogy       9 Km Walk           56m,30s
Rod Gill- 2nd IAG    Cambridge Half Marathon     21 Km Run    2h,03m,56s
Kerin Buttimore    Cambridge Half Marathon     21 Km Run    2h,17m,14s
Tau Holden     Cambridge Half Marathon     21 Km Run     2h,10m,10s
Vicky Birkett    Cambridge Half Marathon    21 Km Run    2h,04m,59s
Val Wilson     Cambridge Half Marathon     10 Km Run     1h,00m,04s
Mary Rozeboom    Tauranga International Marathon     21 Km Run    1h,45m,13s
Sue Hunter – 2H Pacer    Tauranga International Marathon    21 Km Run    2h,00m,50s
Rod Gill – 2nd IAG    Tauranga International Marathon    21 Km Run     2h,00m,50s
Val Wilson    Tauranga International Marathon    12 Km Run    1h,13m,28s
Anne Fredricsen    Tauranga International Marathon    42 Km Run    6h,38m,47s
Ross Dewstow    Round the Rock – Rarotonga     31 Km Run    3h,10m,22s
Jane Roche    Round the Rock – Rarotonga     31 Km Run    4h,05m,45s
Neil Crocker- 1st Male     Round the Rock – Rarotonga     31 Km Walk    4h,15m,17s
Norm Robins    Round the Rock – Rarotonga     10 Km Run          41m,35s
Colleen Stacey     Round the Rock – Rarotonga     10 Km Run    1h,10m,30s
Sue Hunter     Blue Lake 24H Challenge - Rotorua    115 Km    24 Hour Run 
Lex Chalmers     Blue Lake 24H Challenge – Rotorua    89.6 Km     24 Hour Run 
Norm Robins    National Road Relays    10 Km Run    39m,41s
Anja Romer    Hamilton Half Marathon    21 Km Run    1h,48m,02s
Kirsten Job    Hamilton Half Marathon    21 Km Run    1h,59m,16s
Kevin Hooker    Hamilton Half Marathon    21 Km Run    1h,59m,33s
Tau Holden    Hamilton Half Marathon     21 Km Run    1h,59m,37s
Rod Gill – 100th Half     Hamilton Half Marathon    21 Km Run    2h,00m,25s
Holly White – 1st Half     Hamilton Half Marathon     21 Km Run    2h,06m,48s
Clare McCarthy    Hamilton Half Marathon    21 Km Run    2h,11m,42s
Kerin Buttimore    Hamilton Half Marathon    21 Km Run     2h,16m,35s
Deborah Young     Hamilton Half Marathon     21 Km Run    2h,20m,55s
Mark Goble    Hamilton Half Marathon    21 Km Run    2h,22m,27s
Karen McLaughlin    Hamilton Half Marathon    21 Km Run    3h,15m,55s
Chris Biddulph    Hamilton Half Marathon    10 Km Run         45m,56s
Gary Fieldes -PB-2nd IAG    Hamilton Half Marathon     10 Km Run          55m,39s
Annette Hermans 2nd IAG    Hamilton Half Marathon    10 Km Run         56m,54s
Hanim Ayob – 1st Event    Hamilton Half Marathon    10 Km Run         58m,18s
Val Wilson - PB    Hamilton Half Marathon     10 Km Run          58m,38s
Kimberley McCarthy- PB    Hamilton Half Marathon    10 Km Run    1h,04m,40s
Karen Whitaker    Hamilton Half Marathon    10 Km Run    1h,05m,17s
Christine Thomsen    Hamilton Half Marathon    10 Km Run     1h,11m,33s
Kath Reid    Hamilton Half Marathon    10 Km Run    1h,29m,42s
Pip Jensen     Hamilton Half Marathon      5 Km Run          42m, 13s
Tim Saunders     Hamilton Half Marathon     Marshall    Thankyou!
Eileen Odgers     Hamilton Half Marathon     Marshall    Thankyou!


Park Run             
Marlin Fisher    50th Park Run – Hamilton         
Jill Sklenars     150th Park Run – Hamilton         
Lex Chalmers     150th Park Run - Hamilton        
Hanim Ayob - PB    Cambridge Park Run         
Chris Oliver - PB    Wroclaw Park Run – Poland         
Heather Flay - PB    70th Park Run – Hamilton         
Sue Walsh - PB    Hamilton Park Run         
Jill Sklenars - PB    Hamilton Park Run         
Phillipa Marley - PB    Hamilton Park Run         

Events and Times, October
Norm Robins - Silver Medal    ChCh National Road Teams Relays    76 Km Run    5h,07m
Ross Dewstow     Taupo Ultra Marathon     50 Km Run    6h,54m,10s
Karen McLaughlin     Taupo Ultra Marathon     50 km Run     11h,13m,17s
Kerin Buttimore    Pukekohe Half Marathon     21 Km Run     2h,20m,13s
Birds Of A Feather    Ekiden Relay - Run    42 Km Run    3h,34m,20s
Team Cool Running    Ekiden Relay - Run    42 Km Run     4h,02m,47s
Happy Hippies     Ekiden Relay - Run    42 Km Run    4h,11m,23s
Bagga Bones     Ekiden Relay - Run    42 Km Run    5h,05m,32s
The Monachs    Ekiden Relay- Run     42 Km Run    5h,33m,27s
RoadRunners  Mens Walk    Ekiden Relay – 1st in  Mens Walk     42 Km Walk    5h,19m,31s
Anya Romer    Auckland Marathon    42 Km Run     3h,58m,54s
Kirsten Job     Auckland Marathon     42 Km Run     4h,37m,16s
Vickie Birkett    Auckland Marathon     42 Km Run     4h,41m,44s
Sue Hunter    Auckland Marathon – Pacer 4h,45m    42 Km Run    4h,44m,09s
Phillipa Marley    Auckland Half Marathon     21 Km Run     1, 50m,54s
Desiree Danchuk    Auckland Half Marathon     21 Km Run     1h,49m,10s
David Marley    Auckland Half Marathon     21Km Run     1h,57m,29s
Rod Gill    Auckland Half Marathon    21 Km Run    2h,18m,33s
Neil Crocker    Auckland Half Marathon    21 Km Walk    2h,44m,16s
David Ross    Auckland Quarter Marathon    12 Km Run    1h,31m,29s
Tau Holden     Morrinsville Fun Run     10 Km Run     59m,11s
Kerin Buttimore     Morrinsville Fun Run     10 Km Run     59m,30s
Lynda Brahne    Morrinsville Fun Run      5 Km Run      25m
Greg Hill     Morrinsville Fun Run      5 km Run      27m
Hanim Ayob     Morrinsville Fun Run      5 Km Run      29 m
Chris Biddulph     Morrinsville Fun Run      5 Km     Supporter


Park Run             
David Marley - PB    Hamilton        
Sue Walsh - PB    Hamilton        
Gary Fieldes     Red Cliffs - Brisbane        
Annette Hermans    Red Cliffs - Brisbane        
Gary Fields     Surfers – Park Run        
Annette Hermans     Surfers – Park Run         


From the Bush

24 November  Waitetuna Windmill Off Road 
1 December The Goat – Mt Ruapehu 
8 December Karioi Trai Run - Raglan
8 February Tarawera – Trail Run- 20 km 
9 February Tarawera – Trail Run – 50 km / 102 km / 160 km 
3 March  Rotorua Off Road - Half
23 March  Ring of Fire – Ruapehu 
8 April  Rotorua Xterra – Blue Lake 
13 April  Waitomo Trail Run
14 April  Eastern Traverse – Rotorua 



The Far-Looker

17 November  Queenstown Marathon 
17 November  Keri Keri Half Marathon 
18 November  Toi’s Challenge Whakatane
18 November  Round the Bridges Hamilton
25 November  Percy Lawn Challenge, Te Awamutu

Auckland Half Marathon Series 
     2 December  Omaha Half - Event 2
     10 February  Coatesville Half - Event 3
     17 March  Maraetai Half - Event 4
     14 April  Auckland Water Front - Event 5 

5 December  The Great Santa Run – Hamilton – Charity Run
8 December  3 Bridges Marathon - Wanganui
13 December  HRR – Last Dinner and Awards Night for 2018
10 January  HRR – First Club Night for 2019

8 January  Eastside Pub Run – 5 Km
9 January  Smith & McKenzie – 5 Km 
12 January  Waikato River Trail Run - Mangakino
12 January  Port of Tauranga – Half 
19 January  We Run The Night – Mt Maunganui
26 January  Tussock Traverse – Tongariro National Park 
31 January  HRR Dinner Night – Group 2
2 February  4 Seasons River Run – Ann St – Hamilton 
3 February  Summer Series Glenview Run
10 February  Orewa Beach Half 
17 February  Summer Series Blueberry Run 
2 March  Mountain to Surf – Taranaki 
3 March  Round the Bays – Auckland 
9 March  Kirikiriroa Marathon / Relay 
10 March  Waipa Fun Run – Cambridge 
16 March  Run the vines - Martinborough
17 March  Hospice Fun Run – Hamilton Gardens – Fundraiser 
17 March  Maraetai Half - 
4 May  Rotorua Marathon 
11 May  St. Clair Vineyard Half – Blenheim 
25 May  Whitianga Half 
26 May  Huntly Half Marathon 
2 June  Mount Runners – Half Marathon 
30 June  Wellington Marathon 


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