From The Captain's Table, August 2018

August 31, 2018


Hi Everyone and welcome to the August newsletter. Also to our new members Anje, Shireen and Chris - welcome aboard.


It is with sadness that we have lost one of our life members of our club, Barry Smith. From what I understand he was a great athlete in his own right both on road and track. Also had put a lot of energy into the Hamilton YMCA, Porritt Stadium and Hamilton Road Runners. It was pleasing to see a great representation from the club at Barry’s funeral. More on this further in this newsletter.


We have the Ekiden Relay fast approaching and anybody looking to be in a team for this social event that has not put their name forward, contact Club Captain Neil or VP Gary. The Ekiden Relay is held at Rotorua and goes around the lake. Date is 13 October 2018. Teams of 6, these can be run or walk or composite. Cost $295.00 for team of 6. Is about 8am start till about 4pm. Speed is not essential, doing approx. between 5km and 9km each and dress up encouraged. We have a Lodge booked at Ngongataha for $90.00 for Friday and Saturday night. We all bring or make pot luck dinners to have on the Friday and Saturday nights. If you want to do the Motel thing with the family that’s fine or some teams drive in and out for the day.


Welcome home Anne from Brisbane Marathon. Also Gary and Annette from the Forest run in Rotorua; from what I hear rather muddy and slippery event so good to see you back with no injury. Also the Taupo road crew all 20 of you. Wow what a hit HRR did on Taupo. This was in general a fine day for the event, then the rain came in about prize giving time. I was impressed to see Ross Dewstow on the track there after a long rest time from injury and also new member Holly White who has come to us from doing a wee bit of cycling, which I now hear is a tad understated. In 2015 Holly represented New Zealand in the Junior World Champs in the 4000m team pursuit in Kazakhstan, setting a world record time. Pleasure to have her here with us now cutting her teeth on this running lark. It was great to see Holly with her first piece of running bling. I must say the Taupo 25th race medal is a nice looking medal. Also it was great to see our Taupo HRR team being photographed by our very own paparazzi Pat and Michelle as they followed us around the course. What I think made Taupo a big hit was the amount of car pooling.


As this newsletter goes to print I welcome back our HRR members who have just finished the Mount half, I hope you had a great day and the weather was kind.


Alan Issacs has also done well in the Masters Game in hockey. He recently represented New Zealand in the World Grand Masters Hockey tournament. His 65+ team came 5th out or 14 countries. Temperatures in Barcelona reached 30°+, so it must have been like playing inside an oven.


Also congratulations to Norm who was at the Waikato/BOP road champs in Cambridge the other day and just happened to come away with a silver medal in his age group. I now hear that the National Road Champs are at St Peters School Cambridge 2nd September and may well be worth a look as some of the best runners in the country will be there.


My Thanks to Group 2 for the Tropical winter Hawaiian night. It was a great night and good to see lots of colour in the middle of winter. The activity of the night was a hoola hoop competition which saw some of the club have to quickly dust off their skills to compete. This eventually worked its way through to a hoop off between Norm and Anje, congratulations Anje in being title holder. So it follows on that running Group 3 are our meal hosts for the 30th August meal. I am sure another great night will be had. On that note we have been re-doing the 4 dinner group lists and hope to circulate them shortly.


Sunday away run at Lake D Horsham Downs was a great success. Thanks so much Gary and Annette, to finish off with a bbq was great on such a brilliant day to run.


My thanks to Sue Hunter who after a lot of hard slog doing one of the many events Sue does, won a fit bit. Sue promptly gave this to HRR to raffle off. This has just been won by our very own multi sporter Pat Goldsmith. Congratulations Pat. I can see this getting a good work out.


For those wanting a cheeky little off roader. Have a look at the brand new Tarawera 20km. Early bird about to be released. $60-00 starts Rotorua Government Gardens – bus to start and run back to gardens. Date Friday 8 Feb 2019 and comes with a swim in the deal. Designed for those taking the Thursday / Friday off work after Waitangi Day for a great break As noted we have changed the date of the HRR away bbq run to 2nd September as this looks to be the quietest weekend, as from here on in there are a lot of events on the calendar. While on this theme I would like to thank Wayne, Rod, Kerin, Lynda, Jane and Colleen for their help in putting on Sunday runs. We have certainly seen a lot of different territory.


There is rumble afoot that we could have good numbers at Whangamata Fun Run 8 September and another popular hit is the Cambridge half on 16 September. Kirikiriroa Marathon 9th March 2019 – If you want a team event – Yes our very own Hamilton Marathon. The distances are 12.6km Leg 1 / 18.1 Leg 2 / 11.5 Km Leg 3. Or do the whole lot by yourself. This is a great event, cheap and with medal. Check out their website for more details.


Just remember – The light at the end of the tunnel may well be – A fellow HRR team member


Club Notes

  • Running Group List – The lists are on the Notice Board in the corridor at HRR HQ – Please check to see which of the 4 groups you are assigned to – Any changes needed please see VP Gary.

  • Club Books – There are two books on the table at HRR - #1 – Run book – This is for events you have done and can record your times and PBs in – Book #2 – This is the away book and has up coming runs in it. It is handy in that it can help with car pooling – forward planning is good.

  • Away BBQ Run – Sunday 2 September – Blue Springs – Putaruru

  • Pink Run Thursday 25 October – The annual fundraiser for Waikato Breast Cancer Research. This has been a great fun night for the club to support at our Hamilton Lake.

  • Percy Lawn Event – 25th November – Please mark this on your calendar as this is our next upcoming event. This will be hosted by Te Awamutu Marathon Clinic and we will be looking at getting a good club representation there.

Hot Foot Award: July Athlete of the Month
Mary Rozeboom  -  Wellington Marathon


Events and Times
Annette Hermans 3rd IAG We Run The Forrest – Rotorua 11 Km Run 1h,01m,06s
Gary Fieldes 4th IAG We Run The Forrest – Rotorua 11 Km Run 1h,05m,30s
Anne Fredricsen Brisbane Marathon 42 Km Run 6h,22m,52s
Anja Roemer Taupo Half Marathon 21 Km Run 1h,53m,02s
Ross Dewstow Taupo Half Marathon 21 Km Run 1h,56m,10s
Jacob Rozeboom Taupo Half Marathon 21 Km Run 1h,56m,37s
Mary Rozeboom Taupo Half Marathon 21 Km Run 1h,56m,38s
Jill Sklenars Taupo Half Marathon 21 Km Run 1h,58m,01s
Rod Gill Taupo Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h, 02m,53s
Lynda Brahne Taupo Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,04m,27s
Kevin Hooker Taupo Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,14m,05s
Lex Chalmers Taupo Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,16m.30s
Jane Roche Taupo Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,21m,27s
Kerin Buttimore Taupo Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,21m,44s
Colleen Stacey Taupo Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,35m,24s
Eileen Odgers Taupo Half Marathon 21 Km Walk 3h,28m,58s
Chris Biddulph Taupo Quarter Marathon 10 Km Run 45m,03s
Phillipa Marley Taupo Quarter Marathon 10 Km Run 47m,08s
Desiree Danchuk Taupo Quarter Marathon 10 Km Run 47m,56s
David Marley Taupo Quarter Marathon 10 Km Run 49m,32s
Holly White Taupo Quarter Marathon 10 Km Run 58m,28s
Kimberley McCarthy Taupo Quarter Marathon 10 Km Run 1h,04m,52s
Neil Crocker Taupo Quarter Marathon 10 Km Walk 1h,13m,19s
Clare McCarthy T a u p o Quarter Marathon 10 Km Walk 2h,09m,24s
Annette Hermans 3rd IAG Mount Maunganui Quarter 10 KM Run 54m,20s
Gary Fieldes Mount Maunganui Quarter 10 Km Run 58m,12s
Jason McCarthy Mount Maunganui Quarter 10 Km Run 1h,05m,59s
Deborah Young Mount Maunganui Half 21 Km Run 1h,52m,46s
Clare McCarthy Mount Maunganui Half 21 Km Run 2h,05,59s
Rod Gill 2nd IAG Mount Maunganui Half 21 Km Run 2h,04,47s
Norm Robins Waikato/BoP Road Champs 10km Run 41m,30s

Park Run Notices

5th Birthday Run / Walk Hamilton Lake
Desiree Dunchuk PB – Hamilton Lake
Sarah Smylie PB – Hamilton Lake

From the Bush

1 September Kinloch – Trail Run – Taupo
9 September Ocean Beach half – Napier
22 September Te Tahu Fun Run – Little Waipa Domain Arapuni
6 October Cape Kidnappers Trail Run
27 October King of The Mountain - Kawarau
3 November Taniwha Trail Run - Kinleith
4 November Waihi Xterra
10 November Tairua Trail to Tide Run
10 November Rimutaka Trail Run
24 November Waitetuna Windmill Off Road
1 December The Goat – Mt Ruapehu
8 December Karioi Trai Run - Raglan
9 February Tarawera – Trail Run
23 March 2019 Ring of Fire – Ruapehu
8 April 2019 Rotorua Xterra – Blue Lake
14 April 2019 Eastern Traverse – Rotorua



30 August HRR Dinner Night – Group 3
2 September HRR BBQ - Away Run
2 September North Shore Half
8 September Whangamata Fun Run
16 September Cambridge Half
22 September Tauranga Int Marathon
22 September Over the Top Run – Waihi Beach
21 to 25 September Project Raro – HRR International
29 September Blue Lake Challenge Rotorua
Auckland Half Marathon Series
30 September Devonport Half Event 1
2 December Omaha Half Event 2
10 February 2019 Coatesville Half Event 3
17 March 2019 Maraetai Half Event 4
14 April 2019 Auckland Water Front Event 5
30 September ** Hamilton Half
30 September Note to self Daylight Saving Starts
14 October Pukekohe Joggers & Walkers
13 October Ekiden Relay
20 October Park Run 5th Bday Hamilton Lake
25 October Button Run – ( Pink Run for breast cancer )
28 October Auckland Marathon
28 October Morrinsville Fun Run
4 November New York Marathon
4 November Tauranga City to Surf
17 November Queenstown Marathon
18 November Toi’s Challenge Whakatane
18 November Round the Bridges
25 November Percy Lawn Challenge, Te Awamutu
10 February 2019 Orewa Beach Half
2 March 2019 Mountain to Surf – Taranaki
9 March 2019 Kirikiriroa Marathon / Relay
17 March 2019 Maraetai Half
25 May 2019 Whitianga Half

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