Club Newsletter, April

April 21, 2018











Hello everybody and welcome to the April newsletter.


First off, I would like to thank the Club for looking after prospective members.  It is great to see that some have joined our Club and that some new blood has rolled in.


It has been great to see the Club activities, from runs in and around Auckland, over to Rotorua and Tauranga and as far south as Martinborough, and PB’s along the way. 


Also great to see that Rod and Kerin finally got their 50 Park Runs done, and on home ground. It has taken a while but then their Roadrunner shirts have been away, well-travelled around the country most weekends.  Well done you two.

As for Mr Fly Under the Radar, Gary Fieldes, a well done to you for your 150 Park Runs.  Unsure of you are a Park Run addict or a Post- Park Run coffee addict.

I would like to have a shout out to Gary and Annette for their organised Sunday Club run.  A great day was had by all and I was impressed that Wayne was first through the cave, and as he had the biggest frame, he had brushed all the spider webs off the walls so all the girls (and the boys too) had a safe trip through.  You are the hero Wayne, and my hat off to you for taking one for the team.  A lot of great talk was had when the BBQ was on.  Also great to see that Angela and little Ben had ventured out to see us too, and it was great to see Angela have some fun time. Angela has been working hard in the engine room of the Club website, with more and more improvements being done. Thank you Angela. 


Dinner night, April 26 will be brought to us by Group 3 runners. Dinner nights have always been a great and relaxed night, so for the new and prospective members, please bring a change of clothes and shower gear if you want a warm shower after your exercise and before the $5 meal.  
Coming events include the Waitomo Trail Run on 28 April for those who like getting their feet wet.  The same day, April 28 for the Park Run junkies, is the very first Tauranga Park Run. 

We have two major hits on for the Club:   

First is Rotorua Marathon on May 5.  Wayne has got accommodation sorted at $80 for a Friday and Saturday bed.  We are booking beds fast but Wayne tells me we still have a little space left. If you want to join us, that’s great, as we have Wayne lining up for his 30th marathon, as well as Rebecca and Michelle lining up for their first Rotorua marathon.  So the more support over there the better, I say.  If you don’t have ambition to the marathon level, come over and do a 5, 10, 15 or 21 km distance, of just come to cheer them on.  


The other big hit is our HRR Memorial Relay on Saturday 19 May.  For the new and prospective members this is my favourite event of the year and if you can possibly make this date available in your calendar it would be great.  We start at our club rooms at 7.15 am for Club photos, Club shirt needed. Could Club members please bring their spare shirts to loan to those without for the Club photos as it would be handy.  After the photos we are then off to the Arboretum for a team relay, which is a fairly relaxed affair, and then back for a shower, then for a 1pm for a catered lunch and complimentary bubbles at our Club rooms.  More details further in the newsletter.

The relay celebrates the life of our past members who have passed on, so please be part of our day if you can. 


Lastly, remember that the light at the end of the tunnel…..might well be a fellow HRR Club member. 
HRR Committee 2018 
President Norm Robins

1st Vice President Gary Fieldes

Secretary Wayne Reynolds/Michelle Goldsmith

Treasurer Sue Hunter

Club Captain Neil Crocker

Committee Members Lorraine Eves, Lynda Brahne 
If anyone who has a great idea to make a great Club an even better Club, please talk to any of the above people.

We also need another coupe of Committee Members.  If you would like to come forward for this role it would be great. 

Subs 2018 
Standard subs are $66 for the year.  We also have joint and family subs available. 
HRR Bank account details: 03 1555 0161275 00 
Events and Times - March 
Chris Bidulph Waikato Hospice Run 5 km run 0 h, 29 m

Neil Crocker Waikato Hospice Run 10 km walk 1 h, 13 m

Wayne Reynolds Waikato Hospice Run 10 km run 1 h, 15 m, 30 s

Eileen Odgers HRR Glenview S S 10 km walk 1h, 36 m, 25 s 
Colleen Stacey HRR Glenview S S  10 km run 1 h  11 m  

Mark Goble HRR Glenview S S  10 km run 1 h, 09 m

Wayne Reynolds  HRR Glenview S S  10 km run 1 h, 15 m

Michelle Goldsmith  HRR Glenview S S  10 km run 1 h, 02 m

Pat Goldsmith  HRR Glenview S S   6 km run 0 h, 45 m

Norm Robins HRR Glenview S S  10 km run 0 h, 58 m

Stu Ross HRR Glenview S S  10 km run 1 h, 14 m  

Paul Taylor  HRR Glenview S S  10 km run  1 h, 12 m  

Kath Reid HRR Glenview S S  10 km run  1 h, 36 m, 25 s

Cheryl Laubscher Huntly Half 21 km run 2 h, 33 m, 04 s

Kerin Buttimore Huntly Half 21 km run 2 h, 29 m, 59 s

Rod Gill Huntly Half 21 km run 2 h, 05 m, 55 s  

Michelle Goldsmith Huntly Half    PB  21 km run  2h, 02 m, 04 s

Rod Gill Waipa 10km  10 km run 1h, 02 m, 03 s

Kerin Buttimore Waipa 10km 10 km run 1h, 02 m,57 s

Sue Hunter Coatesville Half  21 km run 1h, 53 m, 07 s

Deborah Young Coatesville Half 21 km run 1h, 58 m, 56 s

Heather Flay  Coatesville Half  21 km run 2 h, 53 m

Gary Fieldes Martinborough Vines Run 10 km run  1h, 09 m  

Sue Hunter Rotorua Off Road 21 km 2h, 07m, 30s 
Hot Foot Award: Athletes of the Month  


Ross Dewstow for Tarawera Ultra 87 KM  17hours 1st in Grade + PB

Paula Klein for Tarawera Ultra 165 KM  35h 16m, 09s 


Heather Flay for best improved results

Michelle Goldsmith Huntly Half 2h,02m,04s  PB March 

From the Bush 
28 April Waitomo Trail Run 6 km / 11 km /22 km /35 km  

24 November Waitetuna Windmill off road run


The Far-Looker 
28 April Tauranga Park Run Inaugural  

5 May Rotorua Marathon

13 May HRR Sunday Club Run  

19 May HRR Memorial Relay

26 May Whitianga Half – Inaugural  

31 May HRR Dinner Night – Hosted by Walkers  

21 to 25 September Project Raro – HRR International  

13 October  Ekiden Relay Rotorua  

13 October  Lenser Beneath the stars night run Innis Common  

28 October Auckland Marathon

28 October  Morrinsville Fun Run

17 November  Queenstown Marathon  

18 November  Round the Bridges

25 November Percy Lawn Challenge, Te Awamutu    


HRR Memorial Relay - Saturday 19th May

  7.15 am  HRR Club Rooms – Photos 
  8.00 am  Taitua Arboretum 
12.00 pm  HRR Clubrooms Bar Opens 
  1.00 pm  HRR Clubrooms – Catered Lunch,   with  complimentary glass of bubbles 
                   Lunch = $20 (Club Members)  
                                  $35 (Non-Members) 
                   Lunch needs to be paid a week prior for catering confirmation.  
                   HRR Bank account details: 03 1555 0161275 00


Teams of 4 – 2 Runners and 2 Walkers 
Course – 2.3 km Loop 
Runners x 2 laps, Walkers x 1 lap 
Each participant to estimate their time and Team Captain to collate 
Team closest to actual time versus estimated time will be determined the winner 
Winning team will get a free lunch 
No watches or timing devices whilst competing 





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