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From the Captain's Table, August 2019

Hi Everybody, here is the Newsletter for August. Well the first weekend in August usually means Taupo Marathon and a popular event for HRR. We had 19 HRR’s out in various events. We had some great performances by members like Steve Donnelly who was a man on a mission - absolutely smashed his PB for a marathon. To make sure Steve was not slowed down on his effort Achillies Guides supplied 3 guides in a relay system to help him achieve his result. Then Team Sally (Sally Marsden with the trusty Sam Foster as guide) delivered a good result for Sally’s first half marathon. From what I hear Sam was pushed very hard by Sally and did well to keep the pace up. Then there was big Ben Lucas and his PB which was a massive improvement on the old one. Then in the walking section we had Cath Reimer, and when Cath means business she can really move it, not only getting a PB but also 3rd In Age Group. Then the two who always challenge each other in events and come in within a minute or two of each other are Gary and Annette who both came 2nd In Age Group. It is so pleasing to see Gary and Annette going from strength to strength in their running. To everyone that was down in Taupo I think you have done well. It is usually a cold, windy and usually wet event so that getting the brain in the zone of determination to finish is also the mark of a fine athlete.

In addition to Taupo you add those doing the Saturday club run, Park Run and the Sunday run/walk, and there looks to have been about 50 HHR’s out doing their thing. Another great weekend for HRR.

Rotorua – We Run the Forrest. An off-road event and yes we were there too – congratulations Raewyn Richmond 2nd In Age Group - well done as I hear the course is different from last year and the hills got a bit taller this year.

Marlin Fisher – Congratulations on taking out the ‘The Ingress First’ event in Auckland. This is a timed event to get to as many geo cache sites on the list in a given time. Well done Marlin and a slightly different event to have HRR involved in.

Sunday Run / Walk – Even with a couple of wet days, the Hamilton Half training seems to be going well. I was very impressed with Corrina Pinkerton putting out a solid 18 Km which she tells me is her biggest run yet. Well done, it is also impressive to see the group encouraging each other on.

Team Sally quiz night – A big thanks to Gary Fieldes and his team of helpers for the quiz night. This was a fundraiser for Sally and Sam to help them on their way to New York Marathon. We had some great support with Accor Hotels, Trek n Travel and still to be drawn is the Sean Fitzpatrick rugby jersey – Thanks to you all that made it a great night.

Departures – It is rather sad that I hear Ben Lucas and family are heading back to the UK. Ben has been a real asset to the club, not only by just being a tall marker but when Norm moved away Ben has basically taken over the fast group and has led them very well. However he tells me that if we are ever in North West London look him up at Northala Fields Park Run (until we can entice him back).

Mt Maunganui Half – Yes HRR were there - a great day but the wind caused a bit of havoc. Pleased to see Ben bag one last PB before heading back to the UK. Despite the conditions our team seemed to have had some good results. PB’s were also achieved by Desiree and Gary.

Hamilton Half – 29 September – If you have not yet entered the event there is still an opportunity to take advantage of our 20% off club discount but you need to let Gary know ASAP. However, if you are not entering and are free on the day, Wayne is looking after the water station team and if you would like to be involved please see Wayne. Note – 29 September daylight saving starts – Don’t be late.

Ekiden Relay –12 October - It is not too late to put your name down on the sheet in the club house – also if you want accommodation tell President Gary.

Deal - Waitetuna Windmill Run - 23 November - HRR can also do a bulk deal on entrance. There is a sheet in the club house and if you can put your name and distance on it, we can do better pricing

Italian Night – A big thanks to the group one. The August dinner night was very well done with Italian coloured decorations and all the kitchen having the food labelled in Italian too was a nice touch to a great night.

Dinner Night September - Yes Spring is here – September 26 will see Group 2 supplying us with another great meal.

Team Sally Fundraiser – Sean Fitzpatrick framed rugby jersey – This is a special one-off raffle. If you know of anyone wanting a chance to have such an iconic jersey uplift $20.00 off them to get a ticket while we still have some left. For those who don’t know this is to help fund Team Sally to the New York Marathon.


  • Running Group Lists – The lists are on the Notice Board in the corridor at HRR HQ – Please check to see which of the 4 groups you are assigned to – Any changes needed please see Gary.

  • HRR Away Book – Car Pooling – We have a book out on the table for events in the future and you write your name and event that you are going to. If there are others going to the same event, this can make it easier to carpool and share expenses.

  • HRR Results/Events Book – For the newer members we have a red book on the table to write in events that you have done with the distance and your time. This helps the HRR board decide who is an outstanding candidate for the HRR Athlete of the Month.

  • Percy Lawn Relay – Date Sunday 3 November – Hosts HMC

  • HRR Running Apparel – There is some interest in another order of club shirts and singlets. We still have plenty of caps and peaks available for sale as well. See President Gary for further details.

  • Dinner Night – September 26 - Hosts Group 2

  • Discounts - Did you know your HRR membership card gives you discounts at – Trek n Travel and Shoe Clinic


Steve Donnelly - Taupo Marathon, 42 Km Run 4h,16m - PB

Ben Lucas - Taupo Half Marathon, 21 Km Run 1h,36m - PB

Anja Roemer - Taupo Half Marathon, 21 Km Run 1h,54m

Tau Holden - Taupo Half Marathon, 21 Km Run 2h,08m

Sally Marsden Team Sally - Taupo Half Marathon 21 Km Run 2h,10m 1st Half M

Sam Foster Guide/Sally - Taupo Half Marathon, 21 Km Run 2h,10m

Rod Gill 1st IAG - Taupo Half Marathon, 21 Km Run 2h,15m

Kevin Hooker - Taupo Half Marathon, 21 Km Run 2h,18m

Lex Chalmers - Taupo Half Marathon, 21 Km Run 2h,26m

Kerin Buttimore - Taupo Half Marathon, 21 Km Run 2h,31m

Greg Hill - Taupo Half Marathon, 21 Km Run 2h,41m

Cath Reimer - Taupo Half Marathon, 21 Km Walk 2h,46m - PB

Steve Rossiter - Taupo Half Marathon, 21 Km Walk 2h,46m

Eileen Odgers - Taupo Half Marathon, 21 Km Walk 3h,30m

Annette Hermans 2nd IAG - Taupo Quarter Marathon, 10 Km Run 53m,18s

Gary Fieldes 2nd IAG - Taupo Quarter Marathon, 10 Km Run 54m,35s - PB

Jane Roche - Taupo Quarter Marathon, 10 Km Run 1h,12m

Christine Thomsen - Taupo Quarter Marathon, 10 Km Run 1h,16m

Colleen Stacey - Taupo Quarter Marathon, 10 Km Walk 1h,51m

Raewyn Richmond 2nd IAG - We Run the Forrest – Rotorua, 21 Km Run 2h, 32m

Ben Lucas - Mount Maunganui Half Marathon, 21 Km Run 1h,34m - PB

Tau Holden - Mount Maunganui Half Marathon, 21 Km Run 2h,01m

Kerin Buttimore - Mount Maunganui Half Marathon, 21 Km Run 2h,56m

Desiree Dunchuk 4th IAG - Mount Maunganui Ten KM, 10 Km Run 47m,23s - PB

Annette Hermans 1st IAG - Mount Maunganui Ten KM, 10 Km Run 52m,36s - PB

Gary Fieldes 5th IAG - Mount Maunganui Ten KM, 10 Km Run 54m,29 - PB

Rod Gill 2nd IAG – 70 + Mount Maunganui Ten KM, 10 Km Run 59m,19s


Annette Hermans - 200th Park Run – Hamilton Lake

Gary Fieldes - 200th Park Run – Hamilton Lake

Rod Gill - 100th Park Run – Hamilton Lake

Steve Rossiter - 100th Park Run – Hamilton Lake


July Athlete of the Month:

Marlin Fisher - 1st Place The Ingress Games


7 September - Hoka One One – Kinloch

14 September - Lenser Run Beneath the Stars – Rotorua 12 PM

15 September - Trail Trilogy – Paeroa / Waihi

28 September - Blue Lake 24 Hour Challenge

5 October - Lenser Run Beneath the Stars – Mclaren Falls

12 October - Taupo Ultra

12 October - Cole Murray – Cape Kidnappers

20 October - Omokoroa Coastal Challenge

26 October - King Of The Mountain – Kawerau

2 November - Taniwha – Waikato River Trail

9 November - Tairua Tides & Trail

16 November - Xterra – Waihi

23 November - Waitetuna Windmill Run

24 November - Toi’s Challenge – Whakatane

7 December - The Goat & Kid – Tongariro

14 December - Karioi Trail Run – Raglan

8 February 2020 - Tarawera Ultra

22 February 2020 - Coastal Challenge – Auckland

22 February 2020 - Ruapehu Express – Ohakune

7 March 2020 - Triple Peaks – Havelock North

8 March 2020 - Round the Bays – Auckland

4 April 2020 - Xterra - Rotorua

22 June 2020 - Double Rainbow – Rotorua


7 September - Whangamata Fun Run

15 September - Cambridge Half

21 September - Over the Top – Fun Run Waihi School

21 September - Tauranga Marathon

29 September - Hamilton Half

12 October - Ekiden Relay - Rotorua

20 October - Auckland Marathon

20 October - Morrinsville Fun Run

31 October - Pink Run – Hamilton Lake

3 November - New York Marathon

3 November - Percy Lawn Relay – Hosts HMC

3 November - Tauranga City to Surf

16 November - Queenstown Marathon

17 November - Round the Bridges – Hamilton

24 November - Toi’s Challenge - Whakatane

9 February - Summer Series – Blueberry Fun Run / Walk

7 March 2020 - Kirikiriroa Marathon / Team Relay

15 March 2020 - Waipa Fun Run – Cambridge

21 March 2020 - Round the Vines – Martinborough

16 May 2020 - Hawkes Bay Marathon

23 May 2020 - Noosa Marathon

24 May 2020 - Huntly Half Marathon

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